In the End (Timing is Everything 3) by Erika Ashby

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°Ena’s 5 Star Ugly Cry Thoughts°

May contain spoilers – to me it doesn’t because I have read Moving Forward

We met Jake shortly in the beginning of Moving Forward before he was no longer and throughout the whole Timing is Everything series Jake needed his voice. Personally I didn’t care too much for him because of what he did to Jesika but I decided to give him a chance and hear his story and I am so glad Erika gave him one.

Even though he wasn’t perfect and made a BIG HUGE mistake I love Jake! He made me fall in love with him with his letter to Jesika and his story. He is real and even though it may have come too late he is honest and he doesn’t make any excuses for his actions he realized what he did was wrong on so many levels but it’s crazy what fear will cause a person to do and that fear alone of losing Jesika is the reason Jake handled the situation exactly how he handled it.

In the End is Jake’s story, his voice, and he tells us his story from the very beginning of meeting Jesika up until the world went black. Yes, he can be cocky and he used to be a playboy but Jesika changed that in him. He fell madly in love and wanted nothing more than to grow old with her and live happily ever after. He is passionate, sexy, protective, a great father, and for me he is a good person.

“Spare me the details. I’m pretty sure my fucking dick already hitchhiked to another continent.”

…I would have already popped that shit like a pinata. – In the End

He is only human and he is going to make mistakes some bigger than others and some have bigger consequences than others but mistakes none the less. When one night changes everything for Jake – he freaks out. After finally grabbing his girl and holding on tight, getting married, having a baby everything is going his way – he is in love. Jesika and him are happy. One night, one stupid drunken night caused his world to spin off its axis and nothing will ever be the same.

“Fine, your skanky ass can stay here, I’m out.”

But with everything that Jake did I still love him because he is real and human and loved Jesika with every ounce of him and in the end only wanted to protect her from being hurt and when everything was coming to a close he prayed that she would never know the hurt that he had caused her.

“Please, God. I know I’ve made so many mistakes in my life, but please whatever happens let her live. Let her live a happy life and find love again……..”

Yes Erika Ashby made me cry like a big baby during this novella but I am glad I got to cry because that meant I got Jake’s story and this alone changed my whole outlook on him. I love him, I will always love Jake and I truly believe that he loved Jesika more than life itself and he did everything he could to protect her. Fear makes a person do things they typically may not do and I think that is exactly what happened to Jake Reynolds. Beautiful novella Erika! Thank you!