Impossible by Laurel Ulen Curtis

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One Accident. Two losses. Three years.

Veronica Russo chases storms, but runs from her past by staying firmly in the present. Unwilling to consider the possibility of a future, she’s checked out of life by using solitude and standoffishness as her armor and a sharp tongue and quick wit as her weapons.

Coleman Cade is a walking contradiction- just like his mismatched eyes. A rough and manly bull rider with a playful side. A ladies man with thousands of willing victims, but what he really wants is one woman. The right woman.

Will Roni be able to let go, move on, and find a way to fulfill her dream of having everything? Or will unsubstantiated choices and unresolved demons stand in the way of their happily ever after?

In order to overcome past tragedies and find true happiness- in order to have Everything- Roni needs to do one thing. Find the impossible.

*Explicit Language and Sexual Content

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∞Nicole’s 5 Star Thoughts∞


Coleman Cade: Tall, dark, handsome, and amazing mismatched eyes swoon one blue one green swoon !!  Witty cowboy and a bull rider (enough said)
Veronica Russo: stubborn strong very opiniated woman (I love a strong tell it like it is character)

One Accident. Two losses. Three years……

Afraid to live her life and move on Roni puts herself in dangerous situations being a storm chaser. She pushes everyone away, not wanting to feel pain or loss ever again.

“People already considered me reckless because I chased by myself. No need to throw on the gossip …err… Or the fire whatever” ~Roni Russo  Impossible

She uses and anger and solitude to keep anyone from  from coming close to her then we meet Coleman Cade a bull rider with a funny witty sense of humor. He can see through Veronica’s facade to break down her walls and just maybe she can let love in.

“Finding a woman is a lot like ridin’ a bull. You’ll know in a little over eight seconds whether they’re  worth a second ride or not. And as you know the best ones buck you off a few times before givin’ you the ride of your life”~ Colman Cade Impossible

This book was one I couldn’t put down. The emotions and feelings seems so real that you can’t help but love Cade and watch Roni challenge him every step of the way. The banter and sexual frustrations of these two made me laugh. In the end you finding yourself cheering for Roni and then wanting to throw your kindle. (Which I didn’t but I was absolutely close to doing it)

“Your like a Banty Rooster, sweetheart. Tiny little thing, but you don’t hesitate to puff out your chest, lookin for a fight” Coleman Cade ~ Impossible

We Roni be able to move pass tragedy and be able to let love in again. This was a fantastic five star must read and wait for it ……… Coleman Cade jr is going to have a booked well so get to reading !

In order to overcome past tragedies and find true happiness- in order to have Everything- Roni needs to do one thing. Find the impossible.