Hard to Resist by Shanora Williams

Okay I am going to try and do this book justice. I was lucky to receive an ARC copy of this book to give my honest opinion and my honest opinion is that I fell in love from the first page. The book covers everything from first love, heartache, betrayal, new loves, new feelings, happiness, sadness, and moving on.

I fell in love with Natalie “aka Bunny” and Nolan from the start. I can’t go into too much I don’t want to give anything away but this book has it all! The passion and intensity that Nolan has for Natalie is minding blowing and he will stop at nothing

to win her heart and help her shattered heart heal. From day one he knew there was something about her that would “fix” him and his past and from day one Natalie knew there was something about him that she had to stay away from because her heart was already shattered and she knew it wouldn’t survive Nolan. After running into each other on numerous occasions they knew that both were just too Hard to Resist…