Forgotten in Darkness by Zoe Forward



After an unjustified two-century stint in purgatory, Scimitar Magus Dakar returns to the human realm, renewing his eons-old curse. Once again he must murder the woman he loves. To break the vicious cycle, he must kill her before she strikes her deathblow, something he’s never done in the past.

Archaeology grad student, Shay McGinnis, suffers a near-death attack in pursuit of a piece of Scimitar Magi lore. But did the magnificent warrior who pinned her to the wall injure her or the daemon he fought? In her search for answers, she draws the attention of both an ancient evil sorcerer and the warrior Dakar. The attraction between her and Dakar is instant, and for Shay confusing. She wants to be with him, but intuition equates him with death. Not random death. Hers.

Will this be the lifetime they break the curse before they are murdered by an age old enemy or worse kill each other yet again?

*Warning: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, action-adventure, and an exceptionally hot tatted hero.*

Natasha’s 4 Star Review

This is a continuation (book 2) of the Scimitar Magi series by Zoe Forward.
This story is about sexy hunk Dakar, who has found himself removed from purgatory after two centuries. Thrown back into a world that he has no interest in being a part of again!
It’s also about the curse that has been placed between him and the lead female Shay who is a grad student who just happens to be studying the Scimitar history!
They find out that they are soul mates but are destined to kill each other during each life cycle. Dakar has learned then only way he can end the curse is to kill Shay first. 
Can he do it to save them and have the woman he loves?
“In the past he had basked in her vibrancy and genuine adoration for the few days when her love ruled”
When they do meet in this installment, there is an undeniable instant connection between them. Dakar remembers their past fully but Shay has no recollection whatsoever. She does know there is something about Dakar that has captured her attention and her heart!
“His need for this woman was unbelievably complex, and so much more than physical”
Forgotten in Darkness goes more into depth about the magi and their history. All the characters from the first book are included as well as the introduction of new important characters! You learn some important information about them and what they have to accomplish!
I enjoyed this book in the sense that its different from other paranormal type books, and really loved the historical sexy Egyptian aspect of it. The characters are funny and charming. 
It’s a great read, but I do recommend reading the first book (Dawn of a Dark Knight) as well for a better understanding! It is also a great read!
4 stars from this girl – Cant wait to see what happens in the next book