Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins



Have you ever heard of the old Celtic legends of the Fae – beautiful, magical, and deadly creatures that have a love of messing with humans just for kicks and giggles?

Welcome to my world.

What started out as a strange assignment, lead to one of the most gruesome murder mysteries of our times. My friends and I are set and determined to find out who is killing off Fae and Witches alike.

Couple of problems in the way – I hate the Fae and the Prince of the Dark Fae is bound and determined that I work for him. He’s a rude, overbearing egotistical ass with a compulsive need to possess, dominate and control me. Oh – did I mention that he is absolutely sex-on-a-stick gorgeous and he makes me feel things that I never ever wanted to feel for a Fae…every time he touches me or looks at me with those dangerous golden eyes he seems to pull me further in under his spell, despite my better judgment.

My friends and I can’t trust anyone and nothing is as it seems on the surface – not even me.


◊Natasha’s 5 Star Thoughts◊

It has been awhile since I found a paranormal book that I was instantly attached to and couldn’t put down. I had lost my faith in all but a few paranormal/fantasy books over the years. I find most of them the same basic plot. This book had me hooked from word one. It is so full of twists and turns that it never gets boring.

The book is about a powerful witch named Syn. She is kick ass, independent, cheeky, sarcastic and seriously the most awesome person ever. She is eventually hired, due to her skills, to help the Dark Prince. Syn hates the Fae due to her tragic and dark past, and finds herself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to her duty and honor.

Ryder, the Dark Prince. Where do you even start with him? He is sexy as sin, tattooed, mysterious, built like a God, and EVERY womans fantasy.  Total Alpha Male! He knows what he wants and gets it no matter what the cost! Ryder signs Syn into a contract to help him. He doesn’t expect his attraction to Syn but fights it every step of the way. Syn cant understand how she is so stuck on someone that she loathes with every fiber of her being.

Every scene with them will either have you laughing, yelling, and all but in tears in some chapters. There nothing better than a book that can make you feel what the main characters are going through.

The secondary characters are amazing and insanely adorable. Adam is hilarious and one of the closest friends that Syn has and trusts with her life. I hope that in the coming books we get to find out more about him. The others play so well into the storyline and introduce you into this wonderful fantasy of Witches, Fae and more.

It has general mistakes as far as spelling and grammar, however I do not in any way feel that it reflects on the story one bit. I was able to completely 100% enjoy this story even given that. I don’t believe that it in any ways deters from what the author was trying to accomplish.

This book fantastic!!! You think you know whats going to happen and that its so obvious, but you don’t. You find yourself WTF-ing through the whole book. I love that about it, that it’s fresh and different. I enjoy a book that you can get so wrapped in.

I am so enthralled with this story and obsessed beyond which I’m sure is healthy. I find myself thinking of whats going to happen and what I think the conclusion will be. This book deserves more than the 5 stars that I can give it. What a great job Amelia!! Please hurry so I can have more Ryder