Fierce by Ginger Voight


~~Kristy’s 4.5 Star Thoughts~~

HOLY SMOKES!!!! For every girl that has thought she wasn’t good enough or was told she wasn’t good enough this is the book for you!! It’s heart wrenching and empowering all at the same time. This story is a spin off of Ginger Voights Groupie Series and unfortunately I have not read that series but after reading Fierce I’m going to definitely go back and read them.

Jordie Hemphill is a beautiful character that I aspire to be like. Every girl feels inadequate at one time or another and it always feels nice to share that experience with another person who has shared that experience. I felt every emotion Jordie went through, I’m not gonna lie I cried quite a few times reading this book. Jordie’s story starts with big dreams of being a star and even has the voice to back that huge dream but growing up in a small town, being over weight and having her mother tell her everyday that she isn’t good enough her dream doesn’t seem like it will ever happen. Till her 18th birthday when everything seems lost she runs away to LA with nothing but a bag and all the money she has.  LA brings her everything she ever hoped for friends, a chance to be a star and most importantly a family to care for her that she never had back home.  After being turned down at audition after audition she finally gets that break and receives a call back for a new reality singing show, “Fierce”. The only thing I wish was different was instead of reading her journey on “Fierce” was I wish I could have watched all the performances since I cried just reading about them.

The cast of characters in this story are all amazing from the war hero Jace that you can’t help but fall in love with to even Eddie (Jordie’s secret crush since she was a child) who basically is the worst human being alive (well next to Jordie’s mother- YUCK). You need villains to make the heroine that much stronger and Jordie’s villains did just that.

I give this book a very strong 4.5 stars!!!! It just amazed me and I can’t recommend it enough.