Fallen Crest Family (Fallen Crest High #2) by Tijan


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Samantha and Mason are together. Everyone knows it. Not everyone is dealing with it. While Mason’s ready to give them the middle finger, there’s one not going away. Her mother. Threats are issued. Ultimatums are given. Even blackmail is used, but only Samantha can put a stop to Analise. However, when a trauma from her past is triggered, she may not have the courage or strength to do what’s needed. If she doesn’t, Mason’s future could be destroyed.



If you are like me and LOVED FCH, then you have been dying to read FCF!  And you will not be disappointed!  Tijan once again has knocked it out of the park!  I HATE Analise even more now if that is even possible!  And LOVE Mason, Logan & Sam SO MUCH MORE!!!  The three of them together is something everyone hates but they also wish they could be a part of!

“I won’t get run off from you.  I love you, Sam.  I said it before and I mean it.  I won’t let your mom control my life.”

Now everyone knows Sam and Mason are together, and most people do not approve!  Especially Sam’s mother.  Analise is making threats to try to keep them apart.  Mason wants to trample her but Sam is trying to protect Mason and Logan.  But she has no idea what to do.  She knows she is the only one who can stop her mother, but at what cost? 

“If I get the opportunity to hurt your mom and never have it bounce back to you, I’m taking it.  I’m not going to lay a hand on her, but she hurt you.  No one hurts you, Sam.  I’m not okay with that.”

Sam refuses to let Mason and Logan get hurt.  But when she is alone and has moved out of the mansion she has to try and keep moving forward and hope things don’t fall apart.  She needs Mason but she has to make friends too, he wants that for her.  When she gets a job at a local bar she meets Heather and they instantly click.  They are both kick ass girls who don’t take shit from anyone.  But they have completely different friends and that could put Sam in even more danger. 

“If I were a lesbian, I’d want you as my girlfriend.  I have a straight boner for you, Sam.  Hot damn.”  ~Heather

Sam has to figure out how to let go of the past and find the strength to do what needs to be done.  She has to find the courage to stand up to her mother and not let Mason and Logan get hurt.  Can she find the strength?  Will her and Mason’s future be destroyed? 

“Thank you.”  “For what?”  “For loving me.”

I rarely love the 2nd book in a series as much as I love the first, but Tijan has succeeded!  I am in love with this series and these characters have a permanent place in my heart!  I love them fiercely and can’t wait for more!  If you haven’t started this series yet, it is a must read!  I love Tijan’s writing style.  It is creative and always outside the normal genre box…which I love.  So excited for the next book already!