Fall For Me by Ann Lister


Entertainment journalist, Ryan Pierce, meets the infamous bad-boy rocker, Dagger Drummond, and walks away with a great interview and a scandalous news bit that has the potential to turn the music world on its ear. Exposing the story would boost Ryan’s career, but it would also come with the risk of ruining Dagger’s privacy – and possibly his Rock God status.

The unlikely friendship that develops between Dagger and Ryan brings Ryan to question more than just his journalistic oath to report the news. It also forces him to take a look at himself and newly discovered feelings – feelings that make Ryan blind to the risk of becoming front page news himself.

Will Ryan find the courage to make a life decision to give himself true happiness with Dagger or take the path that would likely lead to heartbreak and destroy his career forever?

*This novel is intended for Adult 18+ due to explicit language and sex scenes*


Ena’s 4 Love is ALWAYS beautiful Stars

What can I say about Ryan and Dagger? Well first off let me start by telling you a little bit about our leading men!!!

Dagger is a passionate and sexy rock star who happens to live part of his life in secret. He is attracted to men but doesn’t let the outside world know about his preferences in fear of it ruining his career. He will go at great lengths to protect that part of his life and keep it private. He has a hidden past that he doesn’t share with anyone. Other than his band and his manager he is alone, he doesn’t have many friends and doesn’t have any family. He lives his life day by day and occupies his time with having different men in his bed. Dagger has so many different wonderful traits about himself that he is just too scared to let them show knowing that in the end he could wind up getting hurt again. He is strong, determined, passionate, driven, sexy, sweet, kind, and deep down has a heart of gold.

Ryan is a career orientated reporter for a music magazine and spends most of his time interviewing and writing articles about anything music. He is so focused on his career that it doesn’t leave him for much time for anything else especially relationships. Never really having flings here and there he feels like random hook ups aren’t worth it. After his breakup with his long time girlfriend of 3 years he hasn’t met anyone that he can picture himself with for the long haul so he doesn’t bother. He sleeps, breaths, and eats his career and that is what he focuses on.

From the moment that Ryan walked onto Dagger’s tour bus for an interview he knew there was something different about him. Ryan felt something that confused him and he wasn’t sure exactly what it was. Dagger saw Ryan and knew without a doubt that he wanted him. The sparks were there, Dagger could feel it and Ryan only ever being attracted to woman was scared of it. Overtime Dagger will convince Ryan that he needs to explore the feelings he is having for him and see where it leads even though Ryan feels like he is a straight man and just confused the feelings will go away but they only grow stronger.

“….Remember, this is all new for me. It’s a lot to process and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to figure out how to process it. Promise me you’ll give me time to at least try and sort through it. Okay?”

Ryan is confused a lot of this book and it broke my heart that he was having such a hard time figuring out who he really was and what he wanted. I wanted Ryan to be happy and it was hard watching him struggle with himself while reading this.

“I could fall so easily for you, Ry,” Dagger said. “Do you think you could ever fall for me?”

The feelings that develop for Ryan from Dagger made my heart swell. He was changing his man whore ways because of the feelings that Ryan invoked in him and he truly wanted everything with him. He put his heart on the line over and over again not knowing if Ryan would ever truly be okay with being with a man. Although Dagger wasn’t ready to shout his feelings for a man from the rooftops he knew that he wanted to be committed to Ryan and only wanted the same in return, but not knowing if Ryan would ever be able to give him what he needs because of his confusion. Dagger was patient because he knew how strong his feelings were for Ryan.

“Then, concentrate on that,” Dagger said. “Feel this with me, Ry. Feel me loving you.”

But no everyone will see the love the same way. There will be hardships, and obstacles. They will have to overcome hatred from the outside world. Life will throw them some curveballs and only time will tell them if their feelings for each other are strong enough to overcome all of that or will they come to realize that it wasn’t meant to be.

“You’re pissed off because you don’t want to feel anything for me, but you do. You can’t find any logic behind that, so you’d rather find a way to dismiss it instead. It’s easier that way, isn’t it? It’s easier to walk away from something that’s uncomfortable for you to face. From what you’ve told me, that is how you’ve lived your entire life, and it’s what you want to do now with me. Isn’t it?……”

Ann brought us such a beautiful story of love and discovering yourself. Ryan was so confused but knew deep in his heart he had to learn who he was and be okay with that. Whether that meant loving Dagger and being okay with that or moving on and learning from the experience the decision wasn’t easy. After all, love is beautiful no matter who it runs between. True passionate love can never be ugly, love makes things better, it can make people better and if anything it’s always beautiful regardless of where it comes from or who is receiving it.

“Say you’ll stay and jump into the deep end of the pool with me.”