Emblazed (The Elemental Prophecy #2) by Nikki Narvaez

Emblazed Cover



Three days. Three days seems like a lot of time, but not when you are racing to save the one you love. Not when time is against you.

Three days is all Jace has to save Brielle, to prevent both of their deaths. Both have more to battle than they ever imagined while they fight for their lives, their souls, and their love.

Will Jace be able to rescue Brielle, or will the fate of the world die with her?


Natasha’s Review:

I was so thrilled that I got this book to review. I adored the first, which was called Envisioned. I couldn’t wait to continue the adventure.

Nikki is able to bring you into this world and connect you emotionally to the characters. Not just Brielle and Jace but the supporting characters as well!
Brielle and Jace are absolutely adorable. Their love for one another is so unshakeable and the support they give in trying times is amazing.

“Mi amante, you don’t have to bear that burden alone. I’m here for you, always.”

The other characters of Zane, Kimber and Kiera are hilarious and definitely do not always take a back seat which is always nice to see in a story!
This book continues pretty much right where Envisioned ends. Jace has 3 days to save Brielle or die trying. Literally!! He has to fight Hades and save Brielle from the underworld or lose her forever. Then just when they think they have a chance to breath, they are hit with challenge after challenge.They find they have to overcome many many obstacles just to save themselves and the world!
This book has so many OMG moments. I found myself saying “seriously, haven’t these 2 been through enough?”, but I enjoy how it seems to just makes them stronger!

“I’ll always believe in you mi amante. Don’t ever doubt that.”

There are so many twists and turns that you don’t see ANYTHING coming. There was no way for me to call was going to happen. I really liked that it kept me surprised through the whole story and never made for a dull moment!
Nikki – I can’t wait for the third book to see what happens! I love Jace, Brielle and the whole gang. Thank you so much for an amazing story!