Devotion by Nicole Edwards


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 So I checked my email and HOLY SHIT I am so glad I checked my spam because there sat Devotion by Nicole Edwards – I was at work and about peed my pants when I saw that beautiful message! Instead of embarrassing myself and peeing on myself (let’s face it – getting excited about getting the book I wouldn’t give a shit either way) but since I was at work and didn’t have a change of clothes I was like….

So if you are reading Devotion (Club Destiny #5) than you know what to expect from Nicole Edwards and her brilliant mind. For me going into Devotion I knew I would be revisiting the sexiest couple of the bunch, Luke, Sierra, and Cole and I knew that when those three got together, sparks were guaranteed to start flying.

I knew I would be getting a little bit of this….

And a little bit of this….

And a whole bunch of this…

Oh and she gave me a whole lotta….

And you know we got……

So let’s start with the story shall we!

All relationships have their challenges and with these 3 it’s not any different. Adjusting to finally being committed and devoted to each other as well as bringing a child into the world they will go through many ups and downs and sometimes it’s not always easy – but the things we want most in life never are. Not only did we get the sweet and softer side of this relationship but we also got what we love so much about their relationship too with things like…

“Do that again and you’ll find my cock buried deep in that sweet pussy without even a please to go along with it.”

Luke has always been the dominate one in this beautiful relationship and something inside him needs that control. After having finally admitted his feelings for Cole he still is holding back and still finding it a challenge to give any of that control up. Luke really surprised me in this book, at one point I was cussing at him and the next minute I was glowing with joy for him. He really struggled in Devotion with his inner self and I wanted to shake the crap out of him and tell him to go for it, take what you want and what you need and stop being scared. I think Nicole showed us a softer side of Luke in Devotion and I was thrilled that we finally got to see his softer side with things like this…..

“I love you,” Luke whispered. “I need you.”

“I love, Cole.” He had to swallow before he continued. “I’ll never stop loving you. You and I both know it’s not easy for me, but you stuck it out with me once. Don’t give up on me now.”

The way Nicole wrote Luke’s character in this book pleased me in every single way. She showed us exactly what he was thinking even if he was too scared to say it out loud. He was struggling with his feelings and what he knew he wanted and he wasn’t sure he was ever going to be able to have it. I know that when Luke finally gave in to his desires he would give us all a lot of…….

Sierra was her beautiful self in Devotion. She always told us what she was feelings and thinking. She was never shy with her feelings for both Luke and Cole and all she wanted was for them to be happy and live together happily. She craved that more than anything so of course when things weren’t going the way she wanted them to her insecurities started to come out and it pulled at my heart. For Sierra she knew that when she looked at Luke and Cole she saw forever and always, she wanted nothing more than to grow old with both of them beside her. There were times throughout Devotion that I cried for her and then there were times that I found myself doing this……

The man who really stole my heart was Cole. My heart ached for him and my heart swelled for him. His insecurities got the best of him in Devotion and I wanted to take him and wrap him in my arms and sooth him. I haven’t cried in any of Nicole’s books but this one I did cry, I cried happy tears and I cried sad tears. Cole is that character who you can’t help but fall in love with. He is strong and determined and sexy as hell but there is a little piece of him that still questions what his role is in the relationship with Sierra and Luke and I found myself cussing Luke and Sierra for Cole feeling that way. I wanted them to see crystal clear what Cole needed that he wasn’t getting. At one point I was doing….

The way he was feeling in the relationship was breaking my heart and I wanted him to get everything he ever wanted and more. I wanted to see the happy go lucky Cole that we all fell in love with in Temptation. The strong Cole that knew what he wanted and went for it. Parts of Devotion I saw Cole almost broken because of his insecurities, at one point I seriously thought the worst and all I wanted was for him to….

And then once he did that. I wanted him to do this….

But when it was all said I found myself once again….

Devotion picked right back up with Sierra being VERY pregnant and the baby almost gracing us with its present. We all wanted to know who actually fathered the baby and Nicole didn’t disappoint. I really feel that Nicole gave us everything we were wanting and more when it came to this beautiful relationship. She made them real, with their struggles and their problems and their resolutions. My heart felt so much for all three characters that it was really a page turner for me. I couldn’t get enough and I found myself getting a bit sad to closer to the end that I got. I wanted their story to keep going and I wanted them to keep exploring their relationship on so many different levels. Nicole had my emotions going all over the place. One minute I was happy and smiling and loving their life and the next minute I was sad and heartbroken.

“Next time, I want you to look me in the eyes when you make love to me.”

So would I recommend Devotion to my friends HELL YES! But, if you haven’t read the rest of Club Destiny it would be a shame to read this one first because you will have NO clue what’s going on and you won’t appreciate Luke, Sierra, and Cole the way you should. So with that being said either go grab your copy and dive right in, or go grab the full series and start with Conviction and work your way to Devotion. I have done this with every Nicole Edwards’ book I have read and after reading Devotion I will do it again. So to you Nicole Edwards I….