Destined to Change by Lisa Harley


~~~~~~Laura’s 5 Star Thoughts~~~~~~

Destined to Change, Lisa Harley’s debut novel.  5 big bright shiny stars.  I loved it!!!
What an amazing job at telling the story of Lorelei and what her destiny could/should be.
Loralei Harper thought she would spend her life with Declan.  Her childhood friend and sweetheart.  Her first and only love.  They shared all their first together.  When one night that all changed.  Altering Loralei’s future.  
Loralei finds herself managing the family farm and taking care of her two greatest joys in life, her twins, Sammy and Mags.  She is holding onto her past, not wanting to move forward.  When one day her world is rocked by pierced, tattooed, motorcycle riding bad boy Jaxon.  He is everything that Loralei doesn’t need.  Yet she feels drawn to him.  What she doesn’t know is that Jaxon is hiding a rough past, that he is escaping from.  He has come to work on the ranch along side his uncle.  He slowly works his way into Loralei’s world.  Winning her and her twins over.  Just when everything is going so well for them, Loralei’s world comes to a screeching halt.  Jaxon’s past has caught up with him.  Driving Loralei away and into the arms of Cade.  A true blue cowboy, who falls for Loralei.  Hoping to win her over he tries everything to get her to forget Jaxon.  Realizing she has made a mistake, Loralei returns to the family farm, only to learn her mistake is much larger than she ever expected.  While trying to decide what to do with her now unraveling life, Cade takes up residence in a cabin on her farm.  Hoping he can change her mind about being with him.  In the end Jaxon returns to fight for her.  Creating a crazy love triangle.  Amazingly written, you get the story in different POV and it flows so well.  
I highly recommend Destined to Change.  What a great first book for Lisa Harley.  I look forward to reading more from her.