Daughter of Phalon by Connie Rhinehart


A child abducted in the night, through the machinations of this cold, vengeful, and insane man, sets the stage for the life of Kyla MATHEWS. Raised in seclusion by dictatorial Dr. Webber, she is tested and studied, with no more care than a germ in a petri dish.

Aided by her unique psychokinetic abilities, Kyla escapes the man she called ‘Father’ and embarks on a quest for an ordinary life. She longs for a place where she fits in.

A chance meeting during an astral projection unites her with MARIK ANDREAS, a man with his own psychic abilities. Together, the two struggle to elude the doctor, who searches for the prize he has lost. Kyla must find the strength within herself to accept and understand who she really is if she is to save her family from the deranged doctor and heal the old wounds of her childhood.


~~Shasta’s 5 Star Thoughts~~

I was asked to read and review Daughter of Phalon by Connie Rhinehart.

When it comes to reading I do not discriminate by genre. I love them all. And Daughter of Phalon by Connie Rhinehart is no exception. A paranormal romance, written in multiple points of view, this story will entertain and intrigue you from the beginning. Rhinehart takes you to a whole other world with her character’s lives. This book leaves me wanting more.

I do not want to give much away, as it is a wonderful read, but the story starts off with twins separated at birth. One child abducted in the night, Kyla Mathews is forced to live with Dr. Peter Webber, a mad man who studies her abilities. Kyla escapes and is forced to live a life on the run until she meets the handsome Marik Andreas, a man with abilities like hers who helps her not only return to the family she was taken from, but helps her understand her abilities and shows her what love is. With the many twist and turns of this book, I never wanted to put it down.

Connie Rhinehart does not disappoint with this book, I am hoping that there is more to come from Mrs. Rhinehart and that characters that I have come to love from Daughter of Phalon.