Dark Light by S.L. Jennings


Dark Light Review by S.L. Jennings – 5 Star

Gabriella grew up thinking she was just oridnary, nothing special, no special athletic talents, no amazing spark. She was adopted at birth and lived a very normal life until her 20th birthday. The day she turned 20 she discovered that the person she thought she was is not who she was born to be. Her world turned upside down she suddenly felt like everything she once thought she knew was in fact a lie. She comes to find out that she is not entirely human – she holds within her special powers that the world has never seen and soon will have to chose to go into the Light and chance being killed or stay in the Dark forever. Shortly after finding out about her birth parents and the powers she holds within she meets Dorian.


Dorian walks into her life like a whirlwind and takes her breath away. He is mysterious, sexy, wealthy, and only has eyes for her. She will feel things she has never felt before, see things she has never seen before and she will question everything she ever thought she knew after meeting him. She is hiding something, he is hiding something, will there strong desire for each other pull them together or will their hidden secrets end them for good? Will Gabriella choose the Light or be swallowed by the Dark? Its her decision to make but the wrong decision can wind up being her last.

S.L. Jennings does an amazing job with all the characters in this story, you can’t help but fall in love with them. I loved Gabriella from the start, although, throughout the book I wanted to smack her a few times and tell her to open her eyes and actually see whats in front of her. Oh Dorian, what can I say about him. He is the defintion of your paranormal bad boy. Dark, mysterious, sexy as sin, wealthy, smooth talker, honest, and sometimes likes to give it rough *wink wink*, I couldn’t get enough of Dorian (especially when he was naked). Morgan, Gabs best friend, she is easy to love. She is very loyal to Gabs, very outspoken, has no filter, fashion fowards, funny, and just plan bubbly to be around. Jared, Gabs best guy friend and the boy she has been in love with since 9th grade, he is very sweet, caring, your boy next door and is easy to love. So many characters in this book to fall in love with. Great story.. Defiantely different from what I am used to reading but I am glad I gave this a chance because I really enjoyed this story. I will be biting my fingernails until the 2nd book is released so I can finish Gabriella’s story and find out where her decision leads her. Great read but a wonderful Author. You will not be disappointed with this book