Crush by Lacey Weatherford

crush  *****5 Heart Stopping, go on and Swoon Stars*****

My God!!!! How I LOVED this book. I am a huge sucker for a good YA book! And boy did I feel this. I seriously had NO clue that it would turn out the way it did. I really thought he was a Bad Boy and I really thought something else of him. I never imagined what he would come to be!!!!!! This book had such emotion! I think I have found a new Book Boyfriend!!! Make way ladies Hunter Wilder is coming through!!!!!

I Loved the strong side of Cami instantly, she knew what she was and had not a care in the world what others thought about her! She was proud of who she was! A little inexperienced, and shy with boys, but when she knew what she wanted she had no problem getting it!

Hunter, oh Hunter you BLOW my mind! He is the ultimate Bad Boy, he made my blood boil. I knew right off the bat he was caring and would do whatever it took to make sure Cami was comfortable in every situation. That she was well taken care of. I love guys who hold on to their “girl” with everything they have!

Now Clay is a different story. I kind of thought I had him figured out, but never thought that he would be of that magnitude. It really threw me for a loop. He was just such a creeper!

I love the story line and how it immediately captures your attention. It pulled me in and did not ever let go!!! I am so happy to hear that there will be a second book, even though I cannot even begin to think of the more that this couple can go through since it has been so much already! But I do know Cami will be going to college and then I think that just opens up sooooo much more situations they can go through. I am super excited for the next Book!!!!!!