Conviction by Nicole Edwards


5 Hot, Steamy, Sinfully Delicious, Erotic Stars

Okay so usually I do a recap of what the book is about – but I am going to skip that on this series because I will have PLENTY to say! If you want to know what this book is about than head on over to Goodreads or Amazon and read the synopsis.

Let me start by getting this off my chest……………………………………..


“I don’t want you to change who you are, and I want to be who I am. I want to stand beside my conviction, to love you, be loved by you. Even when doubts plague my mind, I want you to know that I will always trust you, always believe that you will take care of me.”

Okay so if you are looking for a hot steamy pantie dropping book that will make you want to lick your computer/kindle/nook/or book than look no further! Not only is this a scorcher of a book because it also has a storyline – YES! Storyline and great wonderful steamy scenes wrapped into a beautiful panty dropping book! WOW

I was warned by many people that I would need extra pairs of panties while reading this and one girl even told me to save my money and go commando – boy I am glad I listened because this book is HOTT! It follows one girl, Samantha, and one boy, Logan on their journey together not only in their professional worlds but their private worlds too.

Logan has always been the man who is not attached, playboy Casanova is how I would refer to him that is until he laid his eyes on the beautiful, sexy, sassy, Samantha! He wants her and he wants her bad. When Logan see’s something he wants – he gets it! Simple! Not sure what is mind his telling him, he knows that he wants more than just her in his bed and it scares him shitless. Can he win over Samantha, and have her trust him?

Samantha has been burned in her past by an ex-boyfriend and that left a sour taste in her mouth for relationships. Basically, she doesn’t do them. She spends her time with family and few select friends and focuses all her time on her career. What happens though when he career sends her into a straight path with Logan McCoy? Will she break out of her shell and learn to trust again or will she push Logan away?

The relationship between the 2 progresses rapidly and all of a sudden we are thrown into a world or kinky erotic sex and panty dropping dialogue!

“You’re tempting a very hungry man, baby. You can’t expect a man to keep any promises when you do things like that.”

(I know that I am very hungry for Luke McCoy and he can feast on me whenever he wants!!)

I felt the connection between Logan and Samantha off the bat – the sexual tension can be cut with a knife and you want them to go ahead and have their romp and get it over with and when that “romp” happens you aren’t left disappointed. While reading some of the steamy scenes I had to close my eyes and try to visualize how the scene plays out – FLIPPIN HOT!!!

Nicole Edward has one hell of an imagination and I have become officially jealous of Samantha!

Logan is very comfortable in his sexuality and his personal life. He does what he wants, when it wants, with whom he wants. It is nobody’s business but his own and he doesn’t give a flying flip what anyone thinks of him. Although, Samantha thinks about what everybody else thinks and Logan tries to get her to break out of her shell – and by him helping in walks LUKE!!!!!!!!!! (APPLAUSE)

“Watching you sit on his face while he tongue fucks you makes my dick hard.”


Samantha kind of goes back and forth about her feelings and about the world that Logan is introducing her too. She loves it, but she is scared that she loves it. She almost seems ashamed of it and when she decides to take a step back and think about everything that has happened with you and Logan – well yah that just pisses him off…

“You thought you could run. You thought you could convince yourself you didn’t want this. That this didn’t make your body burn.”

“Now, it’s time you take your punishment. You can’t run from me, baby. You can never run because I won’t give up.”

Logan is bound and determined to make Samantha see that everything she is and everything she feels is not wrong and it doesn’t matter what anyone else things about their relationship. Logan is very determined to wake her up and make her see that they belong together and what they enjoy doing behind closed doors is not wrong and nobody else’s business but theirs!

So with that being said! Let’s welcome Cole to the stage! Yep you heard me correctly! Cole! So if you need me to stop so you can get out pen and paper I will stop.


Okay so let’s see that makes 1. Logan 2. Samantha 3. Luke and now 4. Cole


Yep that about sums it up!!!

I will leave you with this. If you want a book that will have you wiping your jaw off the floor or the drool over your chin than this is the book for you! If you really want to read some of the sexiest scenes you have EVER read than this is the book for you! And if you are ready to sit down, strap in, hold on tight and let Nicole Edwards take you for the sexiest, steamiest, kinkiest ride you have EVER been on then this is DEFIANTLY the book for you! And don’t be said there are 6 books total in this series and I can’t wait to devour them all.