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4 need me some alcohol and a good therapist stars

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent that survives.  It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin

Okay usually on my reviews I do a recap of exactly what the synopsis says but in my own words but with this book I am skipping that introduction because I have so much to get off my chest so I can finally breathe again.  Everyone that has read this kept telling me oh you are going to LOVE Anthony Rawlings if not by the middle of the book defiantly by the end of the book well all I can say to all you people is I fucking HATE Anthony Rawlings I wish nothing more than to cut his balls off with a rusted knife and I would smile and laugh while doing it.  So with that being said here we go…..

In the beginning of this story I felt so bad for Claire because the life that was handed to her was a shit show, after losing her parents at a young age and her first love, Simon, the only person left in her life was her sister Emily and her husband.  After moving in with them and going to college and finally meeting her dream of being a meteorologist she was living her dream job until the station she worked for was sold and she got canned.  Now moving to Atlanta GA and working at a bar until she can land only job telling the world the weather she is in debt, major debt.  Meeting Anthony was like a dream (GAG) handsome, sophisticated, and attentive she didn’t know what she was getting herself into by that 1 meeting that fateful night in March.

Anthony Rawlings “Tony” is power hungry, controlling, vindictive, handsome, wealthy, and to me ASSHAT.  He wants Claire and he stopped at nothing to get her right where he wanted her; locked away in his house to please him in whichever way he sees fit until her “debt” is paid off!!!!  HELLO CRAZY ASS…I SWEAR HE FELL OFF THE CRAZY TREE AND HIT EVERY BRANCH ON THE WAY DOWN….  Anthony is a very secretive person and appearances mean everything in his eyes, he doesn’t take NO for an answer and if you disobey him there will be consequences.  Sadly enough, Claire has now woken up in her own person hell as she finds herself locked away in his mansion in bum fucked Egypt Iowa and please him when he says, how he says.

“Survival is not so much about the body, but rather it is about the triumph of the human spirit” – Danita Vance Chapter

Anthony mentally, physical and emotionally abuses Claire on numerous occasions but in his little fucked up mind justifies it because if she had done everything that he had asked the consequences he dished out wouldn’t have been unpleasant.  (What the fuck ever – picking my jaw up off the floor now)…I seriously cannot stand his character, now don’t get me wrong Aleatha did a wonderful job on his character – craziest son of a bitch I have read about to date but that is his character so A+ to Aleatha for portraying him in that way.

 “There are two things a person should never be angry at, what they can help, and what they cannot.” – Plato

After being held captive for several months Claire decides to accept this new life and try her best to survive it and come out on the other side a stronger person.  Tony finally allows Claire out of the house with him to attend events but consistently tells her “the rules” about what would happen if she didn’t follow them.  Overtime Claire starts to see Anthony as a man that she desires, she tries and tries to push those thoughts away and remembers everything that he has done to her but her body is not listening to her heart.  ——-WELCOME CLAIRE TO THE CRAZY FOREST PLEASE STAY AWHILE—-

Stockholm syndrome, or capture–bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them.

My eyes were popping out of my head during this read.  I found myself on many occasions telling my husband, “listen to this shit”, and then I would proceed to tell him another bat shit crazy thing that Anthony did and he would just shake his head.  – Okay so my husband didn’t give a shit about the book, but I did and some of the things this man did was beyond me.  If I was Claire I would be in need a many bottles of vodka and serious professional help while I served my life sentence in prison for murder.

This book threw so many twists and turns that I seriously had to read a few things twice to make sure I read it correctly the first time because my god Claire’s life up to date has been a shit life but surprisingly she is a strong, determined woman and will stop at nothing to get her life back, that is after she finally leaves the crazy forest and steps back into the real world and decides that Anthony is yes what I have been saying the whole book ASSHAT CRAZY!!!  She suffered so many of Anthony’s CONSEQUENCES throughout this book that I hope in Book 2 the TRUTH about Anthony finally comes out and he gets what’s coming to him.

I could go on and on and on and on about this book but I don’t want to give too much away because than you wouldn’t read it.  But what I can say is that if you read The Dark Duet and loved it, than you will love this book.  Although there are major differences 1 being I actually did end up liking Caleb by the end of Book 1, and I am done with Book 1 in this series and can’t stand Anthony – Teresa Mummert said I should like him in Book 2 Truth – we will see, I am not holding my breath.

I bow down to Aleatha Romig for writing this book, not sure what type of things run through this amazingly talented authors mind for her to put a story like this together but I am glad she did, it’s so different from what I normally read that it was great to change it up.  I cannot wait to continue Claire’s story in TRUTH but right now I need a good ole’ love story book before I conquer another mind fuck, therapy needed, alcohol deserved, welcome to crazyville story by Aleatha Romig.  Please for the love of all things that are crazy if you are looking for something a bit different, a bit on the edge that has a whole shit load of crazy in it than you need to read Consequences by Aleatha Romig.

Consequences (Consequences #1) available in eBook and paperback

Truth (Consequences #2) available in eBook and paperback

Convicted (Consequences #3) expected publication 2013

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