Book Review – Chasing Dreams (Devil’s Bend Series) by Nicole Edwards

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Cooper Krenshaw knows what it’s like to feel the bright lights upon him, the sound of the crowd roaring when he walks on stage; after all, he happens to be one of the biggest names in country music at the moment. And he has knowingly just dropped off the grid. The first decision he has made on his own in quite some time. Cooper only thought he was looking for a challenge when he walked off of that concert stage in Chicago. After finding himself in Devil’s Bend, Texas, he soon realizes that the dream he’s been chasing might not be the one he was after all along.

Now he’s found himself not only starting over in a new town, but he’s pretty sure he’s met the toughest challenge of his life… she just happens to be an angel in blue jeans.

Tessa Donovan hasn’t been the best of friends with Fate for quite some time now. Owning and operating The Rusty Nail, a small bar in her hometown of Devil’s Bend, has been enough to keep her going through the motions of her life. But it’s the only thing she’s got. After losing her husband fifteen short months after they were married, Tessa has spent the last four years chasing dreams in order to maintain her sanity. Only those dreams are soon ripped right out of her grasp by a sexy country music star who claims he descended on her small town by accident.

Coincidence? Or has Fate stepped in once again? Whatever the case, Tessa knows the handsome cowboy might get to overtake her dreams, but she’s bound and determined that he won’t take her heart.


ena Ena

4.5 stars

I love when I find an author that continuously writes in one genre but then switches it up a bit and writes in a different genre and pulls it off effortlessly.

Cooper Krenshaw is a well known country music star who is looking to hopefully slow down his famous life style by finally settling down and having a family of his own. He is missing something in his life and he is desperate to find it. Cooper is tired of the day to night lifestyle that comes with being in the limelight and decides it’s time to get away. Away from the hustle and bustle, away from the noise and camera flashes, and away from the dozens of reporters that seem to follow his every move. Not knowing where he is going he finds himself in the sleepy small town of Devil’s Bend, Texas.

Tessa Donovan loves her hometown and is secretly chasing a dream that one day she will be able to help out the people around her. Having recently lost her husband in the line of duty she has focused all her time on her bar, The Rusty Nail, and saving up the funds needed to finally have her dream of opening up an equestrian center a reality. She isn’t looking for love and she is content with the way her life is going and the direction in which it is moving but everything changes when Nashville’s finest comes strolling into Devil’s Bend like a whirlwind waiting to turn her world upside down.

Will Cooper stay in Devil’s Bend long enough to secure a future with Tessa or will the stardom and fame have him clawing his way back to Nashville leaving her alone yet again? Will Tessa finally open up her heart to love again or will the walls she built around her heart after the death of her husband remain strong and will she end up pushing Cooper back into his life back in Nashville?

Nicole Edwards brought another wonderful story about love and discovery; a story about chasing your dreams no matter what it may be and not stopping until you reach it. Chasing Dreams is so much different than Nicole’s other stories but she put the same amount of love and dedication into it as her other erotica series. She definitely pulled writing a different genre off and I can’t wait for more of what is to come in this series.

Cooper, Cooper, Cooper!!! Well Cooper is your country star and the way he wears his cowboy hats and wranglers and the southern drawl when he says darlin’ had me feeling all sorts of tingles inside and had me droppin’ my panties especially when he would say things like this….

“I’m going to fuck you. Right here in your bar. I’m going to fuck your sweet pussy until you scream for me. If you don’t want me to, Tessa, I need to know right now.”

Yep………………That had me………………….

He is sexy in every way and he is every bit a country alpha male and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants. He is kind hearted and loving and will stop at nothing to make Tessa happy. He was such an easy character to fall in love with. Cooper brought a lot of different emotions out of me there were times when I was….

Other times my heart would break for Cooper because he wanted something more, something permanent and Tessa just wasn’t there yet. My heart was heavy at times during Chasing Dreams and I was feeling like I could…..

Tessa is such a strong character and after having the love of her life stolen from her she is guarded and has built a wall around her heart that she doesn’t see anyone getting through. She doesn’t expect Cooper to change that but she knows he is different. I loved Tessa – she didn’t take his crap and she protected herself from getting hurt. She wasn’t ready for love again and although I understood why she was scared it also broke my heart that she was scared of letting go again.

The way Nicole was telling her story made my heart break because of everything Tessa and endured in such a short amount of time – but Tessa’s strength and courage and make a life for herself and chase her dreams no matter how far out of reach they were had me screaming…

Even though there were barriers around Tessa’s heart the passion between Cooper and Tessa was undeniable. It was electric and all consuming. When the two finally forgot about the world around them and the what-if’s in life it was like watching the reunion of two lovers that hadn’t seen each other for so long. When the clothes fell off it got very steamy and Nicole didn’t miss a beat with giving us things like this….

Can Tessa finally give her heart away again and discovery a new dream she didn’t realize she wanted? And what will happen when Cooper realizes that the dream he thought he was chasing wasn’t his dream after all but that his dream was always waiting for him in Devil’s Bend, Texas – will he his dream come true or will he be left brokenhearted?

Nicole Edwards did such an amazing job with Chasing Dreams and if you loved The Club Destiny and Alluring Indulgence series you are going to thoroughly enjoy Chasing Dream’s! So go grab your copy and find out if dreams really do come true.




5 Star Review


Five stars of he can kiss me like that all day !

Cooper : He can sing to me anytime with that sweet southern drawl!
Tessa : Tough as nails and Feisty

I received an ARC from the author for an honest review. So here it goes !

We start off at “The Rusty Nail” were we meet Tessa, serving drinks behind the bar. Her brother Adam runs the entertainment for the bar and he has Cooper Krenshaw, Mr country superstars coming in tonight to perform. Adam and Cooper roomed together in college and they always kept in touch even with Coopers fame. After a bar fight breaks out Cooper catches Tessa before she can fall to the ground. Light the fireworks bells whistles and the heat the radiates from your head to your toes these two have a spark. Although they have a spark,Tessa has her walls up especially with Mr. country superstar.

Adam drops a bomb on Tessa telling her Cooper will be handling the entertainment at ” The Rusty Nail” …. What the hell !

“The guy was probably used to getting any woman he wanted, with that come hither look he’d perfected.” ~Tessa

To bad she wasn’t interested.

Dammm it …

“She was so interested her body was doing crazy things”  ~Tessa

Again .. What the hell ! with her past she’s is feeling things she hasn’t felt in well.. A long time. Can Cooper be the guy to break down all of her walls and let love in.

“Why she wasn’t willing to get caught up in the likes of him. Been there done that got the T-shirt” ~ Tessa

As far as first kisses go this was my favorite. Cooper can kiss me like that any day rawrrrr…

The fireworks that exploded behind her closed eyelids nearly knocked her off her feet. A blinding collision of colors melding together. Kissing him was like coming home for the first time in years. The comfort and familarity was there, although this man was no more a stranger to her. But something in him had her connected with something in her ~ Tessa

Can her walls be broken down? Can they chase there dreams together or will fear take the wheel and guide her away from happiness. Read to find out !!

This was another home run for Nicole it was fantastic and completely had me word for word. I wanted to quote the whole book but hey went don’t have time for that. The funny banter and sweet words make me fall hard for Cooper he’s a new book boyfriend of mine so hands off … Just sayin well done Nicole !!!


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