Review + Giveaway – Scarred by Elizabeth Montgomery

  I think everyone has been bullied in some way or another. Whether it has been physically bullied or with words it hurts. And in Scarred by Elizabeth Montgomery, she gives a powerful and heartwarming story. No matter if it is with a fist, a kick, or even just a slanderous word, bullying is bullying, and it hurts. Avery Chamberlin is no stranger to being bullied. A young lady born with a beautiful soul and big heart gets bullied her {Read More}

Review + Giveaway: Labeled Love (Labeled Series #1) by Danielle Rocco

  Title: Labeled Love Series: Labeled Series #1 Author: Danielle Rocco Genre: YA Romance Release Date: August 6,2015 I was twelve years old when I met him. I guess you could say opposites attract. We didn’t know it then. Or maybe we did, but we didn’t care. It’s not easy growing up in Los Angeles. Well, for me it was. But, not for him. I’m a Hollywood girl born and raised in the business. I have everything I’ve ever needed  and {Read More}

Review + Giveaway: Rarity by D.A. Roach

  Title: Rarity Author: D.A. Roach Genre: YA Romance Release Date: June 16, 2015 Brogen Mathers can’t deal with teen drama…   As an empath, she is constantly bombarded with other people’s energies. Despite coping techniques taught by her psychologist mother, it’s often too much to bear, forcing her to avoid most activities a typical high school junior would enjoy.   Jay Wilken won’t let his past define him…   A dead mother and an alcoholic father brought Jay to {Read More}