Carry Your Heart by Audrey Bell














Champion skier Pippa Baker lost everything in the avalanche: her boyfriend, his best friend, and her will to win. After a year of grief, she returns to competition.

She finds more than buried memories and steep slopes in Utah. She finds Hunter Dawson, a heartbreaking daredevil with the gold medals to prove it. And she finds that his reputation doesn’t stop her from falling hard, and that her heart might not be as broken as she once believed.

But, Hunter has scars and memories too—scars that make him believe falling in love might hurt too much, scars that make him run.

Pippa knows how much love hurts when it’s gone. Will she stop herself before she’s in too deep? Or will she let herself fall?

~~Kristy’s 3 1/2 Star Thoughts~~

I just finished Carry Your Heart by Audrey Bell and I thought it was a sweet love story. In this story we meet Pippa Baker and Hunter Dawson. Pippa Baker is a professional skier who has faced a tragedy and has spent the last year trying to cope with what happened to her, figure out what she will do now? Should she stay in college and forget the goal she once would have done anything for or should she do what it takes to get back on her skis.  Hunter Dawson is a hot-shot-X Games-gold medalist snowboarder-man-whore.

From the minute they meet Pippa is instantly annoyed and drawn to Hunter. I love how Pippa’s attraction to Hunter is strong but instead of embracing her feelings she fights it. Although they get together almost seamlessly I still loved reading about their growing feelings for each other as well as the struggles they faced because of their pasts.

I both liked and disliked the prologue of this book. I enjoyed knowing back story on why Pippa is the way she is today but I feel that it could have made for a more compelling story if it was reveled slowly.

Overall it was a sweet story with a happy ending. I enjoyed that the troubles they went through in their relationship were relatable.