Cake by Nicole Reed



~~Ena’s 5 Cupcake Star Thoughts~~

Nicole has done it again with me. There has never been a book that was created in her mind and put on paper that I didn’t love and wouldn’t rave about. Cake is much different than her Ruining Me and Ruining You series. She brings us a wonderful story about finding yourself in the world and realizing that what you want is not always what you need. It’s a beautiful story about growth and looking outside the box. More than a love story, Cake is a story about life and finding your place in it.

For Kylie she has always known that her heart always has and always will belong to her lifetime best friend Trent, even when that love isn’t returned to her. Waiting in the wings until Trent realizes that he and Kylie belong together she pushes away every other man that shows any interest in her wanting to keep her heart ready for the day Trent wakes up and realizes that he and Kylie are meant to be together.

Dray is living his life the way he wants it, free and happy. Professional football played by day and Casanova by night he doesn’t stay in relationship very long and he likes it that way. Having grown up as a foster child and never having any family to call his own he does what he wants, when he wants. After meeting Trent when they were young boys in living with the same foster family they became brothers and their bond is that of real blooded brothers. The one constant in his life is Trent and if that means putting up with his pesky pain in the ass best friend, Kylie, he will endure it for his brother.

Kylie and Drays relationship has always been anything but pleasant. Constantly grabbing for Trent’s attention their relationship has been heavy and full of tension. Teasing, spouting out sexual innuendos and treating Kylie nothing less than a dog Dray plays his game to try and annoy and piss off Kylie as much as he can. Kylie will always see Dray as the biggest pain in her curvy ass and want nothing but slow suffering pain to be brought upon him. She chooses to put up with Dray because of the love she has for Trent and being they are brothers she can’t have one without the other.

While Trent is our of the country trying to save the world one water hole at a time, Dray is injured during a football game with a concussion and having no other family Trent calls Kylie to run to his rescue and check up on him until Trent can get back into the country.

What happens when you have to make nice with your life long enemy and nurse him back to health because the love of your life asks you too? When feelings start to show and the truth comes out can Kylie escape the watchful eye and passionate charm that Dray holds deep inside him? Will Kylie find herself questioning her heart and who it truly belong too? And when one fateful night when everything changes and Kylies world is turned upside down can she finally give her heart to someone who will return her love or will she continue to wait in the wings for the man who has always held her heart?

“…..The greatest tragedy for me is that I allowed my heart to die with him that day, never realizing that life is too short and, at the same time, so long, to think your love is limited.”

I devoured Cake like it was a giant piece of German chocolate sitting in front of me calling me name and telling me to eat it – so that is exactly what I did. I loved every bit of Cake and am so glad I got a chance to read it.

Kylie was an easy character to fall in love with. Yes she had her flaws but don’t we all? Yes sometimes her choices she made, made me want to scream and cuss and smack her upside her head but she always followed her heart and always admitted when she messed up and wasn’t afraid to admit her feelings. Even when life decided to throw her a whole flipping lemon tree, she decided to brush herself off and open up a lemonade shop. She is strong and beautiful inside and out and always dreamed a bigger life for herself. She wears her heart on her sleeve and will go out of her way for the people she loves.

Looking down into his eyes, I think to myself, over and over, that this is Dray. Asshole Dray. Douchebag Dray. Holy-terror Dray. Bane-of-my-existence Dray. – Cake

Not knowing if she should follow her heart of her head she is stuck somewhere in the middle dying for something clear to pop out in front of her telling her which direction she should choose. With her feelings all over the grid she decides to hand everything over to life and sees what happens. Is it possible for her to love two people at the same time? Can Kylie have her cake and eat it too?

“You make it sound so easy to get what I always wanted.”
“What?” I ask, releasing the breath I’ve been holding.
“You. You bring me to my knees. Your smile, the insecure one you only give to me. The way you smell at the base of your neck that is purely your scent. Your taste, knowing I’ll be the last man to ever know how sweet you truly are.”

Okay so at first yes Dray was a douche bag, certified grade a asshat who is cocky and crude and arrogant – and I LOVED him. I could tell from the very beginning that his attitude towards Kylie was a front and his feelings for her ran deep. I was rooting for him from the beginning and wanted him to get his happily ever after. Dray was tired of living in the shadows and after coming to a difficult decision finally went after what he wanted and I was jumping for joy. Afraid of hurting his brother, Trent, he was cautious at first but when he finally decided to say screw it and go for it I found myself giving him a…..

I wasn’t too fond of Trent because of how he treated Kylie. Deep down I think he always knew her feelings for him and even though he loved her, he didn’t love her the way she needed to be loved. He used her, Madison’s words not mine (and yes I will get to that little firecracker next), and he never really showed any remorse for it either, never owned up to it. I wanted so badly to like him but I couldn’t. Almost like Kylie he wanted his cake and to eat it too but that wasn’t fair to Kylie. I know deep down inside he was a great person but I think his choices and actions towards Kylie were all sorts of messed up. He didn’t want her but he didn’t want anyone else to have her either. Trent had my blood boiling and I wanted someone to just…..

Oh let me please talk about Dray again. Sweet baby Jesus he is HOTT! He had my blood pumping and body tingling from my head to my toes and everywhere in between. Not only was he sweet he could get dominate and downright dirty in such a good way.

“Have you ever been spanked, Kylie?”
“No, and I’ll think pass.”
“You may like it.” Then he finishes with, “You may not. Either way, I’m sure I will.”

(Oh yes I would love for him to spank me)

Moving on…..Madison! Oh everyone should have a Madison in their life. She is Kylie’s best friend and is full of fire and attitude. Just her words alone will bring a man to their knees and she doesn’t hold her tongue. She will tell you like it is and won’t loose a wink of sleep over it either. She is a fight first ask questions later type of girl and I loved her. Madison had my laughing so much throughout Cake I was seriously thinking of putting on an adult diaper just in case. All she wanted was for Kylie to be happy and she didn’t think either Dray or Trent were the one for her. She felt she deserved so much better than both of them but would stand by Kylie’s side with whatever she chose for herself. Madison is a very pretty girl with a very dirty mouth.

“Kylie, quit being a pussy prude. You need to start letting the beaver out to play more. If not, it’s going to dam your shit up. Then what?”

Can Trent, Dray, and Kylie figure out their place in life and what they want? Will Kylie follow her new path instead of following the one she has always thought she knew? Or will the bound between brothers leave Kylie giving her heart away without gaining the heart of a man’s in return?

I am going to mourn what I’ve lost, A little piece of my heart. – Cake

Nicole Reed wrote such a beautiful story of life, love, and figuring out your way. Not everything went the way I wanted it to but in the end the story made sense. Nicole will pull you into the story and have you wanting the characters to get the ending they deserve. Cake is such a beautifully written story that didn’t leave me hanging at the end but left me wanting more. 5 big huge cupcakes to Nicole for bringing us Cake! I devoured it and licked the plate clean afterwards.