Bullet by Jade C. Jamison


~~Ena’s 5 Star thoughts~~

I am at a loss for words over this one! This is a journey more than a story – a journey for one girl, Valarie, as she blossoms from a young innocent girl into a beautiful, sexy, passionate woman. She takes us along for the ride of the heartaches she endures and many blessings she receives along the way. Bullet will pull you in and hold on tight until the very end. It’s a raw and emotional journey that will have your emotions running wild and your heart pounding. It’s a journey of self discovery and learning how to embrace the people around you and love with all your heart. Hearts will break, love will be made, tempers will flare, and friendships will be made. In the world of music you are faced everyday with drugs, sex, and alcohol and only the strong will come out the other side unscathed.

Addiction – Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors.

I am going to start with the main character Valerie. After growing up in a strict religion based household she moves away to college hoping to break out of her shell that she has been stuck in for the past 18 years and hopes to discovery who she is meant to be. With no clear direction on what she wants to do after college she continues to take the general course in hopes of discovering what she wants for her future. She is shy, innocent, soft spoken, passionate, caring, beautiful inside and out and wants so desperately to break free. I was her cheerleader from the very beginning…

Her first step on self discovery is finally approaching the boy she has had her eyes on since the very first class. Ethan is your typical bad boy, tattoos, dangerously sexy, dark, mysterious, rock star, and all things that scream “heartbreaker” and Val wanted Ethan with every fiber of her being. Now in the beginning I did like Ethan, I really did, but Ethan is an asshat, worse than that even. I probably called him everything in the book throughout Bullet because he just kept making me…..

“You’re the one who’s sleeping around, Ethan. I tried to pretend like you weren’t, but you know it and I know it. And I’m tired of you cheating on me. And you can’t expect me to just stand around, happy to let is happen.”

“Christ, I’ve tried to include you in on it.”

WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Really? Did he just say that (wipes eyes and reads again) yep asshat actually said that.

He was sweet and kind one minute and then BOOM he was back at being an ass! I swear he had a severe case of multiple personality disorder and bat shit crazy syndrome. He had me suffering from whiplash and I was just reading the book I couldn’t imagine what poor Val was going through she probably thought she was riding a flippin….

One minute he is hot the next he is cold! Asshat of the year award goes too………..ETHAN!!

Then there is Brad……hold tight – I need a minute to calm down!………………………………………………………………………..Okay so yes as I was saying before – Brad! YUMMY in my tummy! He is not only the lead of the band and Ethan’s best friend he also is just an all-around genuine guy and from the minute Brad and Valerie meet something inside both of them just….

“If you love him, I’ll support your decision, and I’ll never say anything about that night again. Ever.” He took off his sunglasses and looked at me. How he managed to make his eyes look so emotionless, I’ll never know.

“But if you tell me you don’t, I’ll fight for you.”

“Yeah, I’m sure I’m the wrong guy, but I can feel like the right one if you let me try.”

Brad is almost like Valerie’s protector (if you will) and will stop at nothing to make sure she is happy and if Ethan is what makes her happy he will gladly step back and just be her friend. (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww swoon). I fell in LOVE with Brad he was the apple of my eye in this book and I wanted nothing more than to straddle him and….


And then Jade decides to throw us another bad boy rocker, Jet/Clay, who has his very sweet romantic side, Clay, and his bad boy rough and tough take you right here right now side, Jet and he has his eye on Valerie (lucky girl). He is sexy, funny, smart, playful, and knows how to treat a lady, but the main reason I loved Jet was he knew that Ethan didn’t deserve Val. I was going back and forth between rooting for Brad and Jet because let me tell you they are way better than Ethan! The way Jet would look at Val, well let’s just say if he looked at me like that I would have been like “lets…..

So now that you have had a chance to see the characters and their effect on me let me tell you a bit about the storyline. Valerie has always had a passion for writing and metal music. And after finally getting the courage to introduce herself to Ethan one day in class her world tilted on its axis and changed her forever. She was thrust into a life of metal music, bad boy, and addiction. Along her journey of self-discovery she became her own person, a person who was meant to shine and she awakened her sexual desires along the way. She finally discovered the things most important to her and she grabbed on and held on tight. Many bumps along her journey knocked her down but being such a strong woman she picked herself up and dusted herself off and moved forward in life. Val found love and heartache over and over again but looking back she wouldn’t change anything. When her journey ended she had no regrets as everything that she endured happened to her for a reason. She learned who she was and what she was capable of and she wanted to tell her story.

It may not be filled with hearts and flowers and sunshine but it’s her story and hers alone. At times it was beautiful and at other times it was ugly and raw. Jade pulled me into this story and kept me hanging on until the very end. It was told with so much passion and love that I can’t help but fall in love with Bullet. Every word, every sentence, every page told me something, something that created a beautiful tale of one girl coming into her own and at the end of the day finding her happily ever after.

First off I want to say a big thank you to Denise for mentioning this book and introducing me to Jade, I truly enjoyed this story and I will always read whatever book you recommend to me. Jade thank you for sending me Bullet to read and review, it truly was a beautiful journey and I am glad you shared it with me. I cannot wait to hear more about Jet, Ethan, and Brad as I will never forget them. I have read a lot of books about a lot of different characters but Valerie’s journey will always hold a place with me and I will never forget her struggles and achievements that she obtained throughout her journey – simple AMAZING!