Broken and Screwed (BS #1) by Tijan



Alexandra’s older brother died the night he graduated. That day changed everything for her. No longer was she the party girl. No longer did she care about being popular and no longer was her family the happy unit she always thought existed. The only person who could help her heal is the same person who loved her brother as much as she did, his best friend. She only hopes to keep her entire heart from breaking when Jesse will move on, and she knows he will.

After Ethan died, Jesse excelled at basketball, partying, and girls. He used it all to turn his emotions off, but the irony was that Alex was the only person who could do that for him. She helped him forget, but she was the one person he shouldn’t be with because the secrets he knows could shatter everything. They could shatter her.


I LOVE TIJAN!  I don’t think she has written a book that I haven’t loved, and this one is no exception!  I can’t wait for more!  It will leave you with a book hangover for days!!!  Not sure I can even explain how much I love the angst and emotion in this story… but I shall try!

What do you do when your older brother dies the night of his graduation?  Alexandra’s whole world changed that day.  She use to be the popular girl who partied too hard and her family use to be happy, but now they are barely existing.  Alex found comfort in the only other person hurting as much as she was, Jesse.  “I had lost my mom when I had lost Ethan. I had lost my father as well. I’d lost the family even. I still had Jesse, in some ways, but nothing was the same. I wasn’t the same.”  Jesse was her brothers best friend.  He was the gorgeous star basketball player that everyone worshipped.  But no one knew how much he was hurting.  Jesse used basketball, girls and parties to try and keep his emotions turned off.  But Alex was the only person who could help him forget.  They find comfort in being intimate with each other.   “It was the third time we’d done this.  Ethan’s funeral. Ethan’s birthday.  And now the anniversary of the day Ethan’s car wrapped itself around a tree.”  But Alex is afraid of him breaking her heart because she knows he will leave her like everyone else does… and Jesse knows he can’t be with her because the secrets he is keeping would completely shatter her.  “I can’t lose you in my life and I won’t risk it because of that.  Sex is one thing, but sex before our friendship is another thing.”
I couldn’t get enough of this book!  You will be hooked from the first page!  The heartbreak… the angst… the passion, every second of it had me in a trance!  I had moments I wanted to cry for Alex, then throw my kindle at the wall because of Jesse, and then just swoon when they were together!  I am serious OMG, there are not enough words to explain how much I LOVED this book!!!  Can’t wait for book 2, because this end definitely leaves you needing to know what happens next!  You will enjoy every moment of this story!!!