Breathe Into Me by Amanda Stone


Kelsey Rein is running away from a life she is trying to forget, a life she is trying so hard to leave in the past and learn how to live again.  Six years after the night that changed her life forever she finds herself moving out of town with her best friend Jessi to start college and hopes to start a new life; a life where she can finally breathe again.  A life that she so desperately wants but doesn’t know how to obtain.  

Kane Riley knows how it feels to lose everything.  After the loss of his parents at such a young age and being raised by his grandparents his life starts to unravel.  Only caring about himself he sets himself on a rocky path that will hurt all in his path.  He doesn’t care about anything but himself and instant gratification.  After living that lifestyle for so many years he decides it’s time to make a change; a change in which will change his life forever.

Kelsey and Kane’s worlds collide and since that night nothing will ever be the same.  Can Kelsey learn to live again and open her heart up after so many years of living in the dark?  Has Kane truly changed his way and learn to put someone else in front of himself.  Can they both trust each other and learn to live and love and breathe again?  Or will their demons from the past consume them and ruin their chance at a new life?

~~~~~~Ena’s 4 1/2 Breathtaking Beautiful Stars~~~~~~~~

He had been the one to set me free, like the trapped dandelion seeds, all I need was one tiny puff of air.  Kane was my air. – Breathe Into Me

The title to this novel surely fits the struggles that Kane and Kelsey had to endure and what they both needed and it took the breath right out of me and I was finding myself in need of something to breathe into me!  Amanda Stone I must say you did an amazing job on your first novel, hands down a wonderful read.  Her writing style and storyline captivated me and left me wanting more.  I fell in love with both Kelsey and Kane and loved them until the very end.

“All I am saying is when the time comes for you to finally let it all go…let it.”

Kelsey, bless her heart, was dealt a crap hand in life and had witnessed more than one person should ever witness.  I wanted her to get her happily ever after and to finally heal from her past.  She was such a strong and beautiful character.  All she wanted to was to set free from her past and finally breathe again; to wash away all the sorrow and sadness that she kept hidden inside her soul and start to live again.  She is simple breathtaking.

“I want a dandelion on the back of my right shoulder and I want the seeds blowing off it, flying to the left and traveling toward my neck.  But I also want the seeds to turn into birds as they reach the base of my neck.”

Kane, ooooooooooooooooooooooooh Kane Riley!  You are one sexy piece of book boyfriend…Confident, sexy, strong, determined, bouncer (at a bar – wink wink), sweet, kindhearted, and a little broken….YES I WANT YOU!!! Swoon Worthyyyyyyyyy! Come to momma.  I loved Kane (if you couldn’t already tell) even though his past was crap he overcame it and bettered himself because of it. (Who doesn’t have a past right) Kane worshiped the ground Kelsey walked on from day one knew she was his forever and he never stopped getting his forever.

“Kelsey,” he whispered, “I’m sorry I just did all that,” I’m not. “I want to kiss you so fucking bad right now.  I have wanted to for so long, and I don’t think I will be able to tell myself no any longer.  But if you say no, then I will somehow find the strength to not crush my mouth to yours and make you forget every problem you have ever had – make you forget even your own name.  Just say the word Kelsey and I will back off.  But I can’t go another moment without letting you know that right now, all I can think about is how good your skin tastes, and it’s driving me crazy.  I need to know how those lips taste, how soft they are, how they would feel moving against my own.  Please, Kels.”

HOLY SWEET BABY JESUS WOW! I want to feel Kane’s lips against mine too.  I can’t get over how beautiful their love story truly is.
Now I want to let you know that there is so much more to this book than just the love story.  There are a few twists and turns you won’t see coming that will have you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what happens next.

Kelsey and Kane were somehow brought together to and I believe their sole purpose of uniting was the mend the other, to put the pieces of their hearts and lives back together again and start to finally be free and happy. Amanda Stone you did an amazing job on your debut novel and I cannot wait to read your next novel.