#BookReview – The Affair (The Evolution of Sin #1) by Giana Darling

The Affair


Is a week of passion enough to warrant changing their lives forever?

Italian born Giselle Moore is reinventing herself for the second time in her short twenty-four years of life, trading in her bohemian artist’s life in Paris for the grit and glamour of New York City where the family she hasn’t seen in years awaits her. But before beginning her new life, she travels to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico searching for a week of relaxation and reprieve before barreling into her turbulent future.

She never expected to meet the handsome and enigmatic Frenchman Sinclair on the plane and she certainly never would have imagined herself accepting his proposal for a week long, no-strings-attached affair. Giselle has never experienced anything as heady as Sinclair’s controlled seduction and cool yet devastatingly erotic commands and she finds herself powerless to stop the ferocity of their passions, even when she discovers he has a partner back home. The last thing she needs in her life is another complication, yet as the week wears on, she finds it surprisingly easy to relinquish control to Sinclair, a man she knows nearly nothing about. And to her horror, the one thing she promised never to submit, her battered heart, is just as easily captured in the business mogul’s unyielding hands.

4 star review

So…I don’t shy aware from books about cheating or affairs because honestly it’s all around us, everyday, we hear about it. There is never an excuse or good reason to cheat however, I have read some books where I understood why something like that could happen. Doesn’t make it right but I understood none the less.

When I first jumped into The Affair I was intrigued from the very beginning. Giselle was likable from the very beginning. She was a strong character for the most part however you knew from the start that something or someone had broken her heart and spirit. The moment she met Sinclair I knew that something sexy and dangerous at the same time was going to happen. Vacationing in Cabo on her way back to the states I thought well this will be your typical holiday affair, your typically lets do the get naked and have a good time and go on our merry way ordeal however I was pleasantly surprised. The sparks were instant from the very first meeting before even arriving in Cabo. Over the course of their stay the author had a way of writing both character where I felt like I was personally getting to know them on a deeper level.

Sinclair was a bit of a mystery the entire novel and I was always wanting just a bit more from him in terms of what the heck was going on. He was upfront and honest with Giselle about his partner he had waiting for him back home and they both questioned themselves and their attraction for one another numerous times throughout the course of the book. I will say that I was a bit turned off by the fact that even though she knew he was involved she still went through with their arrangement. Yes it was totally wrong but when those 2 got together the hotness level exploded and even though a small part of me hated both of them for doing this I think in the end their connection and chemistry for each other won.

Something is going on, something with Sinclair and his girlfriend back home, I can’t put my finger on it but I was screaming to know what it was. Whatever it is, I think it’s going to be big (HUGE). Once Giselle and Sinclair started getting closer and things started heating up I noticed that she became stronger, and I think Sinclair should take some credit for that. I can’t wait to see what happens in book because I think there is going to be a HUGE OMG moment that will knock me on my butt. The way this story ended, well lets just say I didn’t want it to end, it couldn’t end like that. I HAVE to know what happens. I think Sinclair is hiding something HUGE and I need to know.

Giana did a wonderful job of making me feel. Granted some of those feelings were dislike especially because of how both character treated the affair but she also made me feel curiosity and passion. She took a subject that was very taboo and made it not so bad to read it about because of the mystery she threw into it. I don’t know where she is planning on taking us with this story or what the character have in store for us but I for one am not going to wait to find out. Good thing for everyone who hasn’t read this book yet is that book 2 is coming out May 16th so that will give you just enough time to read The Affair and than dive into The Secret (see with a name like that you know there is a secret that will be told) when it releases. Anyone who isn’t totally against reading a story that involves cheating and loves a good amount of suspense and intrigue and craves passion between 2 characters I would strongly suggest picking this up today and giving it a good.


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