#BookReview – Finding Mr. Wrong by Joanne Schwehm and A.M Madden



Here s a tip: never trust a jackass in preppy clothing.

The phrase trust me should have been my first clue to hightail it out the door, but hindsight is always 20/20.

So there I was, on a stage with two other men, being asked ridiculous questions by a woman I couldn t see, but whose voice made my pants tighten and not around my ankles.

Before I knew what was happening, I’d signed up for six weeks in paradise, isolated on an island for forty-two days with a complete stranger. And when I finally laid eyes on the sexy brunette who belonged to that voice, a part of me thought this wouldn t be so bad.

I ve always been a levelheaded guy. I am a successful, smart, and shrewd business man. But that was when I was listening to the head above my shoulders. Once the blood traveled south, I always ran into trouble.

She called me Mr. Wrong, and that was fine with me.
Lesson learned: lust always trumps logic.


4 star review-2

Finding Mr. Wrong delivered a sexy and fun filled punch of excitement. Between Jude’s snarky personality and humorous banter and Brae’s strong willed and determined mindset there was never a dull moment reading about these two lovable characters.
I laughed until my sides hurt and swooned until my heart melted….There were the more “intimate” moments that created a party in my pant(ies) which left me feeling wanton.

Humor = Check
Scorching “hush-hush” moments = Check
Compatibility = Check
Well developed characters = Check

Did I mention the hotness in the bedroom? YEP THERE WAS PLENTY OF THAT!

Jude Soren was the best balance between “brooding alpha male” and “swoon worthy” heartthrob. Mr. Wrong next felt soooooo right!

I loved the storyline of Finding Mr. Wrong – thrusting (not pun intended) 2 people together and watching to see if they kill each other or fall in love was humorous and interesting. I loved watching both these character grow during the story. Both Joanne and AM did a fantastic job in their writing portions because you can’t tell it was written by 2 different authors. Both of their writing flowed very well together.

If you are looking for a fun loving, panty scorching, humorous read than yes I would absolutely suggest grabbing this book. If you want a male character that can be both alpha male and sweet lover than look no further. Great job ladies! I hope you both get together again soon and give us another store. Kyle would make an interesting character I believe!!!!!




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