#BookReview #BlogTour #Giveaway: Ruck (Completion Series) by Holly S. Roberts

Title: Ruck
Series: The Completion Series
Author: Holly S. Roberts
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2015

Ruck me, maul me, make me scrum. Rugby is back and so is bad boy, Van Stelson. Love him or hate him, he’s decided that his brother’s happily married life might be what he’s missing.

It’s cold and miserable in Colt, Ohio and the single ladies need a hot male body to heat up their long, lonely nights. But now, Van’s taking a good long look at his friend, Danny. She’s dynamite on a rugby field and his go-to partner when he needs a drinking buddy. She’s not his usual type—dainty, feminine, or curvy. She’s athletic and independent and wants nothing sexually to do with the town’s playboy. Drinking him under the table and listening to his deepest, darkest secrets is another story.

Just friends. Can friendship build into something more without breaking hearts or will Van ruck it up again?

4 star review-2
OH VAN VAN VAN VAN VAN!  We met him in the early books and this series and I must say he was the biggest pompous jerk off ever so I knew that he would make for an interesting and kick butt story and I am so happy that Holly gave him his own story.  There was so much depth and mystery behind Van Stelson and we got to explore his world and get to know him on such a deeper level.
Pompous jerk he is NOT.  Yes he has his issues that he needs to work on but what man doesn’t?  I loved how we got to see him transform from a playboy into someone who I could see settling down and having a family.  He surprised me with how much he grew in this short novella that it made me not only fall in love with his bad boy ways but also his sweeter side.  I was proud to see him finally open his eyes and see what and who he really needed in his life.  I think Holly did a great job with taking a character that I am sure a lot of us wanted to hate and turning him into a character that we should all have fallen in love with.
Danny is my hero.  Not only is she a beautiful character she is strong and passionate and is 100% true to herself.  She doesn’t bend to Van’s will and will forever and always remain Danny.  She is who she is, take it or leave it.  She is used to see the endless revolving door or women go in and out of Van’s life and still she puts on this strong front that it doesn’t tear her heart to shreds.  I felt so much compassion for her during this read because I couldn’t imagine being in love with someone and watching them for so long not really see you.  The one thing that I was very happy about and made me chuckle was that she gave Van a taste of his own medicine and it was brilliant.  Holly did a great job with showcasing a strong female lead that anyone would admire and cheer for.  Van met his match with Danny and the push and pull, give and take was entertaining to read.
Now as always in true Holly fashion the sex was OFF THE CHARTS HOT.  Ruck just like the rest of The Completion Series does NOT lack in pantie melting scenes that have you squeezing your thighs just a bit tighter.  The chemistry between Danny and Van we incredible addicting that I will say the ONLY thing I didn’t like about this story was that it wasn’t longer.  I knew going into this one that it was a novella, which I love those, however this couple I could have read another 100 pages of and not gotten bored.
Even though Ruck COULD be read as a stand alone I would suggest and encourage reading the ENTIRE COMPLETION SERIES because I LOVED EVERY SINGLE BOOK.  You need to loath Van just a little before you fall in love with him.  You should experience all the characters from beginning to end and have Holly consume your life from Play (Completion #1) to Strike (Completion #2), Kick (Completion #3), Slam (Completion #4) all the way to Ruck (Completion #5).  All novels except Ruck which makes me a tiny bit sad are full length novels but will be devoured in record time I promise.  Love Love Love this series and couldn’t recommend any of them enough!  So my rating is 4-4.5 stars ONLY because I wanted more more more!
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“Ruck is a quick story about not seeing what is right in front of your eyes. But for a quick read, is packed a hell of a punch.” ~ BJ’s Book Blog

“Ruck is a short and sweet 4 star read. I love a good story of friends becoming lovers and Holly S. Roberts did a great job of setting up the perfect friends to lovers couple.” ~Author Cassandra Lawson

“The author did such a great job with Van’s POV you just want more. Nice little friends to more romance. Fantastic ending.” ~Goodreads Reviewer 

“We’re going to do this my way, Van.” She stops me so my back is to the couch. Her fingers go to the button of my jeans.
Okay, so no more yelling. She’s staring into my eyes and, with no uncertainty, she moves to my zipper and slowly lowers it inch by delectable inch.
“Danny,” I say on a groan as one hand slips inside my boxers and she wraps her fingers around me. I start lifting her shirt, but her other hand grips mine and stops me.
“My way.” The fire in her eyes has turned to steel. She removes her hand, jerks the front of my boxers down, and her fingers are back.
Fuck me, there’s no way I’ll argue at this point.
“Have a seat, lover boy.” She gives me a solid push back.
There’s something in her tone and eyes that my brain can’t quite grasp. My dick doesn’t have the same problem. It’s at attention and growing larger by the second. Danny’s strong, but there’s no chance of her pushing me down unless I allow it. My back hits the hard back of the sofa as Danny sinks to her knees.
Fuck me sideways.
She kneels up a bit, and her tongue extends and runs over the tip of my cock.
“Shit, Danny, what the hell?” It’s not really a question, because if she stops I don’t know what I’ll do. Her tongue takes the air from my lungs, and the next second I release a growl as she closes her mouth over the head. Her tongue is still working and I feel its slick surface as she twirls it around. I move back farther against the sofa and her eyes rise to mine.
Holy fucking God, it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve had more blow jobs than I can count on my fingers and toes. It’s her large brown eyes, staring at me as her mouth works my dick. She slides down my cock slowly and her cheeks suck in. She makes every other blow job fly right out of my head. She’s watching me and, for a few seconds, I close my eyes, fighting the need to come within thirty seconds of her going down on me. When I open them again, she starts using her hand up and down my length, opposite to the rhythm of her mouth. I want her hair loose. I want it surrounding her face and brushing my thighs. Another time. There’s no way in hell I’m changing anything about this.
She takes her hand away and uses just her mouth as her fingers go to the waist of my jeans and boxers. She pulls and I lift up, so they slide under me while she pushes them down my legs. She takes advantage, and cups my balls with one hand and returns the other to my cock.
I’m losing it when all I want is for this to continue for an eternity. Her fingers, her mouth, her tongue consume me. Within too short a time, the well-known tightening of my balls can’t be denied.
“Fuck, Danny, I’m there, pull back,” I groan in a way I’ve never heard leave my mouth.
She has my dick halfway down her throat and a rumble of need growls inside her throat, which sends me over the edge. The pulse of my seed shoots, and she’s there to take it. All of it. My hips buck. Her eyes are closed now, and I finally lean my head back against the sofa and close mine.

USA Today Best-Selling Author Holly S. Roberts makes her home high in the Arizona Mountains with her husband and two spoiled dogs. She writes steamy contemporary romance as Holly, paranormal romance as D’Elen McClain, and mystery and adventure as retired police detective Suzie Ivy. You can find out more about her and her multiple personalities at www.wickedstorytelling.com.

The Slam Tavern is already crowded when we arrive. I help Danny from the truck, but resist putting my arm around her to help her walk. I’ve pushed my luck already and I don’t need a black eye to match hers.
The cheers go up when we enter the tavern. A huge smile replaces the look of pain on Danny’s face and I take a second look. Maybe it’s the bandage and the bruise that bring Danny’s features to my attention. She has a really nice smile that lights up her eyes. No one should look that good with a bandage and bruise, but Danny carries it and it fits her tough-girl style.

As she greets her friends and takes high-fives, I take a third look. She’s attractive. Not my kind of attractive, but pretty is too mild and beautiful too far in the other direction. Some might refer to Danny as gangly, but after watching her on a rugby field with a ball in her hands, that flies out the window. She even walks like a jock. It’s more of a stride, without all the hip movement most girls use, and she swings her long arms to match her gait. I’ve never seen her fancied up in more than jeans and a loose tee. I can’t even picture her in a dress or, God forbid, heels. Her jeans and tees are never tight. With a large, beige Carhartt jacket during the winter, she’s pretty much shapeless. In hotter weather, she forgoes the jeans and jacket for baggy knee-length shorts and more loose tees. She’s wearing the tee, jeans, and jacket tonight, with her signature ponytail keeping the hair pulled back from her face.
She’s gazing away from me, and my eyes travel to her breasts that I can just make out inside the gape of her jacket. She has breasts, but the actual size of them is beyond me. I give her profile a thorough eye. It’s nice. Her body is large for a woman, but proportionate. I wonder why I’ve never looked at her as a possible hook-up. Then I give a small shake of my shaggy head. I can’t believe I’m thinking about Danny this way. Come on, Van, I tell myself. You need to get laid, and damned soon.