#BookReview: Blindsight (Blindsight #1) by Adrienne Leigh





I want her.
She thinks I need her.
What she doesn’t know is she needs me more. 

I’m hiring her to protect her.
To save her life.
To make her beg.

Because her big brown eyes make my d-ck pound and the thought of leaving her to the wolves makes my heart bleed. But the past is colliding with an out of focus present that’s on course to a fatal future. Unless I can beat fate at its own game.





Erin Warner  bumped into a tattooed stranger on a busy Chicago street corner. She found him absolutely captivating and it wasn’t long before she is working for him.  How can she resist flying to exotic location to assist him on photo shoot locations. He is the award-winning erotic photographer Hunter Ellis.
He makes her feel alive with lust and she gets so turned on by the click of his camera while he takes pictures of women in erotic pleasure.  
Hunter has secrets. His tattoos are placed on his body to disguise scars from his past.  Erin works at peeling away the layers, but realizes that maybe she should of not dug so deep to reveal his layers because what she thought was true, never really was at all.Erin has secrets too. 

This first in a thrilling new erotic serial intended for mature audiences.

This is a short read that can be read in less than an hour time. But it sure hooks you quickly because your trying to figure everything out just like Erin is about the hot and sexy Hunter. It still is quite a mystery and I don’t have anything figured out. But I sure what book 2 like now. I am hooked to this erotic serial and want more.
This one is just a tease, just enough to hook you and then throw you through a loop and wonder what the hell is going on? I need more like I need my next breathe. Good thing the next book should be out next month. I can’t wait and if you read this one you won’t be able to wait either. It is a must read. There are twists and turns I did not see coming and I am questioning everything. Its is a thrilling, hot, sexy and a mystery to solve. Go one click it! You’ll enjoy it! HOT, STEAMY Photographer who takes erotic pictures. What else is there to not like?!?!