#BookReview #99Pennies – Weekend Getaway (Suburban Secrets #2) by Cassidy London

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Weekend Getaway is Book 2 in the steamy and erotic Suburban Secrets series. Here we find out if Ella and Jak’s love can make it through the drama that comes with navigating their new swinger lifestyle. Letting go has brought them together but letting each other go too far could ruin it all.

As they try to walk the thin line between a passionate romance and mind blowing casual sex, they discover that not everything is as it seems. Ulterior motives are exposed as suburbia tries to take down one of their own. As a result Ella and Jak soon learn that some secrets are best kept hidden in the shadows. 
Can they find a way to remain true to their own version of love amidst the temptations and scandal that surrounds them?

4 star review

Author Cassidy London has drawled me into her Suburban Secrets Series. My gosh her novella’s are killing me with the steam sex scenes and the characters of Ella and Jak have me spellbound.

In this installment Ella and Jak are getting ready to take a trip for themselves and focus on just them instead of their swinging getaways. Little do they know that the will encounter a fun surprise at the spa resort Jak has them visiting, but will also meet with a friend who has been terribly hurt in her own life that begins to take her feelings out on Ella. 

London has created the characters of Ella and Jak so beautifully. They feel more like the people you have known forever and not just characters in a book. I can’t wait to see what is in store for them next.

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