#BookReview #99Pennies – Couples Night Out (Suburban Secrets #1) by Cassidy London

Couples Night Out is Book 1 in the steamy and erotic Suburban Secrets series. The series follows Ella and Jak, a young couple trying to save their marriage from disaster after their mutual indiscretions threaten to ruin them.
When Ella and Jak begin to lose their way down the path of destruction, a glimmer of hope is offered to them in the most unconventional of ways. They discover a secret world far beyond the confines of suburbia where lust and desire have no boundaries. As they play out their sexual fantasies, they find that breaking the rules is sometimes the best way to keep them. The only drawback is keeping their scandalous new life a secret. 
Will opening their relationship to explore every hidden desire keep them bound to each other or will it destroy every last shred of their love’s existence?
3.5 star review

I always enjoy finding new authors to read and when I was presented the opportunity to read Couple Night Out by Cassidy London, I couldn’t wait to get started on this short novella. Yes, it was a short read, but the author really has a good story there. I just wish that instead of a novella, she went with a much longer version because once I started I could not put it down. I’m usually not one for this type of book, but my gosh she had me hooked.

Meet Ella and Jak, who have essentially lost the spark to their marriage. With jobs, kids, and just everyday scheduling, these two have lost the feel for each other, but when Ella receives an email from her husband that was not actually meant for her, they must confront the problems in their marriage and determine if they still have enough love to recreate the spark in their lives and push on with their marriage.

But the way Ella and Jak come to terms on fixing their marriage might not be for their suburban neighbors, but the question is if it is good for them?



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