Book Review – You Can Call Me Miranda by T.J. Hamilton




I was born to dance. I may have even become the best ballerina this country has ever seen. But when you have no one to guide you as a young person, you become very lost. I craved love and attention, and I found it in men.

I’ve always had a certain allure that draws men to me. I worked that out at a very young age. At first it was fun teasing them, then a thrill … then it was just easy. Men were just too easy.

I loved the way they looked at me when I danced for them, the way they stared at my body. I danced for men who paid to watch. Then he found me. I was the next desperate girl, ripe for the picking. If only I knew what I was being picked for.

This is my story. This is how I lost the girl I once was. Now, you can call me Miranda.


amanda Amanda


4.5 stars


If you are a fan of the Thyme Series by T.J. Hamilton, then you have always wondered how Mia became Miranda.  Well look no further, You Can Call Me Miranda is all about how life happened and how she ended up being Miranda! 
Mia loved to dance.  She was on her way to becoming one of the country’s best ballerinas.  But when she is attacked and injured everything around her comes crashing down.  She if forced into a world that she never planned to be a part of.  But she instantly feels safe and knows that this is where she belongs. 
“And what do I call you while you’re here with us?”  He winks.  I smile and bat my lashes.  “You can call me Miranda.”
After growing up with no one to guide her she quickly realizes she craves and loves the attention she gets when she dances for all of the men at the club.   Being inexperienced, she loves the attention she gets on stage but rarely does private dances, until him. She had no idea where one night would lead her.  But she already knew she had lost the girl she once was, so what did she have to lose? 
This book gives you an insight into who Mia was and who Miranda is.  How she became Miranda!  I loved reading this book and if you haven’t started this series yet, it is a MUST read!  This is the prequel to the series so it can be read first.   I am anxiously waiting for Keeping Thyme (book #3).