Book Review – Worth It by Nicki Destasi




Anna lives every day the best she can while struggling against the demons that threaten to consume her and drag her back into the darkness of her very troubled past. The last thing she needs right now is a guy, especially one as sweet and sexy as Jed. When the attraction becomes too strong to resist, she gives into it. Even when she knows it’ll only end in disaster and leave her even more her scared and broken than she was before.

Jed wants to find the right woman and he’s drawn to Anna by carnal magnetism, but she also brings out an Alpha side of him that he’s never known. When his alpha rears its head, it triggers memories in Anna and her carefully crafted wall of protection begins to show cracks.

When fate and misunderstandings threaten the already delicate relationship, can they survive? When Anna’s demons threaten to be unearthed and Jed’s inner alpha only seem to make them worse, can they overcome?

Is it even worth it?

Warning: This book contains graphic violence, sex, and adult language


5 Star Review

This book for me was one of my favorites I have read to date. Not only did I laugh, I cried, I wanted to throw my kindle at someone in particular because of there hurtful behavior, this person deserved the hatred I felt. This story has so much to offer from, humor, romance, angst, suspense, to heartbreak all rolled into one little ball. In all seriousness it does in fact deal with some heavy issues, verbal, sexual, physical abuse, rape, self inflicted pain. There may be people right now in this world who may be dealing with the same issues but just know you are so “Worth It” you have the strength within yourself to pick yourself up and get out and get the help you need. Who knows there may be a “Jed” waiting in the wings for you.

We first meet Anna as a teenager girl on her way to meet her biological father, who bolted completely out of her life when she was two. For most of her childhood he has not once wanted to see her again until now. She has high hopes that she can build a relationship with him, of course he promise’s her that and when he makes no effort he completely reject’s her yet again. Enter Todd who is much older than Anna, there relationship is sexually violent controlling dominant. Anna is so dependent on him, loves him, needs him, she really doesn’t know what love is all about she feels Todd is showing her that. Until one day he just disappears and leaves her heartbroken and devastated, she slips back into her depression, and this is the part of her life when all the ugly starts to happen to her. Ask yourself how much pain and suffering can one person take in life.

Jed he’s undeniably gorgeous, male perfection, sweet, caring, not alpha male, your typical down to earth kind of guy. Who wants someday to find the right woman and settle down with. Jed meets Anna at the pizza parlor she works at and is instantly attracted to her there is something about her he can’t seem to shake. They end up going out and start spending a lot of time together, Jed knows Anna is hiding something and he’s determined to help her at all cost. Eventually they fall in love and what a beautiful love it really is. Jed is there every step of the way for Anna, he wants to help her overcome her ugly dark past, insecurities, and helps to open up and talk and seek help for herself.

“You want to know what I see? I see a beautiful woman with a big heart. I see a hard worker who has passion for her dreams. I see a woman who’s smart and funny. I see a woman I want to know.”

“The way her smile lights up her already beautiful face is awesome.”

Of course every story has some bumps along the way, with Anna’s past constantly in her mind she finds it so difficult to trust and feel safe with Jed. A part of the past does come back into her life, I don’t want to spoil any of it, you just have to read this amazing book/story for yourself.

Can Anna overcome her past and move forward with Jed?

Will Anna finally realize that she is “Worth It” and deserves love and happiness?

Kudos to Nicki DeStasi on her debut novel, please do not let the subject matter steer you away from reading this book, Nicki expressed herself in her writing and wrote a beautiful touching love story.

“I want you to reach in and grab you, the wonderful, beautiful you and embrace yourself. Put you into your heart and love yourself with all you have.”