Book Review: Twisted Souls (Twisted #1) by L.L. Collins



What if your soul is so intertwined with someone else’s that it’s impossible to imagine yourself without them?

Blake McIntyre and Liane Kelly’s families have spent their vacations together on Sanibel Island their entire lives, and the two have always been the best of friends. But as they get ready to go to college, they admit that friendship isn’t enough for them anymore and spend a whirlwind two weeks daring to dream of their future together.

But building sandcastles and lazy beach walks filled with moonlight kisses isn’t the same as real life, and soon they are faced with a new reality. Can their hope of forever survive past their summer, or does fate have its own twisted plan?

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It was an tradition to spend every summer for two weeks on vacation in Sanibel Island with the McIntyre family and the Kelly family. It is where Blake McIntyre and Liane Kelly became best friends. As they got older their feelings began to change. Its the last summer before Blake and Liane head off to college and they finally  admit their feelings for each other. The next two weeks are spend in a whirlwind romance that has them daring to dream of their future together.
Liane ex brakes up with her and changes his mind when she returns from Sanibel Island. What will he do to keep these two soul mates from each other? Blake and Liane left their vacation bubble and enter the real world where twists and turns make it extremely hard to hold on to their dream of being together.
Can these two face reality and fight for their forever? Or will the hope of forever never  survive it past their two weeks spent together?  What is fate’s twisted plan?
OMG, I loved this book. There was some beautiful parts and parts that broke me. I cried so hard at times I couldn’t continue reading because I could see the words through my tears. I love Blake McIntyre!! He is the sweetest, hottest guy who loves Li so much, its beautiful. What they have to go through just brakes you. But there is always hope. These two are twisted souls for sure. 
This one is an emotional roller coaster and there are so many ups and downs that make you want to scream. I cry my eyes out and begged for more. I can’t wait for the next book. This book is a MUST read if you love romance books that bring out your emotions and make you feel real love. You’ll love Blake and Li together and hope for their HEA. One click to see if they get it. 
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