Book Review: To the Max (Bowen #3) by Elle Aycart



To The Max


Forensic accountant Annie Griffin has always suspected she’s a bit jinxed, so when she finds herself 35, single, temporarily homeless, and pregnant on a technicality by a gigolo, her fears are confirmed.

Adrenaline junkie and professional stuntman Max Bowen needs a house-sitter to watch after his pets while he’s out of town. Annie needs a place to stay. Standard quid pro quo. No biggie. She can handle that, whatever hellhounds he owns. Until Max, the most sought-after bachelor in the county, comes back ahead of schedule and suddenly she’s roommates with a 27-year old sex God who turns out to be so much more than what she expected.

Max might have had the attention span of a humming bird on crack when it comes to women, but that was before Annie. Her quirkiness and sweet contradictions soon captivate him, not that she’s inclined to give him the time of the day. With his reputation preceding him, he knows the odds are badly stacked against him, but he will do his best to prove her that he’s what she needs, stuck-up socialite grandmothers, doomsday preppers, groupies, pregnancy hormones, and repentant biological dads be damned.

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4.5 star review

When Annie Griffin finds herself in probably the worst spot in her life, she isn’t sure what she is going to do.  Finding out your a pregnant, is one thing, finding out your baby daddy is the gigolo that you spent time with at an auction a few months ago, really sets you on edge. Now basically homeless, her current living arrangements are being remodeled and Annie does not want to commute daily to the city, where she works as a forensic accountant.  It is sleep on a friends sofa, move into a room at the local country club or take hotshot, adrenaline junky Max Bowen up on his proposition.  Max is the youngest of the hot, sexy, alpha Bowen boys. He getting ready to head off to work on yet another movie.  What he doesn’t have is a house sitter for his girls.  Annie really does not want to stay at his place, but she has run out of options.  Homeless and pregnant is not a fun place to be. 
When Max returns from his movie shoot early, all hell seems to break loose.  Annie is finding it harder and harder to ward off his advances.  She has trouble dealing with their age difference and he is the towns hottest bachelor.  He is the last thing she needs.  
Max and Annie are so much fun.  They get along really well and their banter is awesome.  They are both head strong and opinionated and they tend to clash.  But when the fire between them gets stoked, there seems to be no turning back.  Annie doesn’t want to fall for the hot, sexy bachelor.  Plus he is to set in his playboy ways to ever settle down.  What ensues is Max growing up, and a lot faster than most would have every thought and he won’t stop until e makes Annie his!
I love Elle Aycarts books.  She never disappoints. She is one who takes a little longer than most to release her next book, but there is a reason for that.  She writes awesome stories!!!  I cannot wait to read Jacks book.  I look forward to reading more of Elle’s books in the future.  4.5 steamy, sexy, hot alpha male stars!
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