Book Review: The Vigilante’s Lover Vol 2 (The Vigilante’s #2) by Annie Winters

Young elegant business man arranging his tuxedo.If this is what it’s like to be a captive, Mia wants to be a prisoner forever.
The second volume of the addictive romantic suspense series from the desk of USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy / JJ Knight
Jax may have kidnapped her. But now Mia wants to stay.
The man is skilled. Intelligent. And gorgeous. His life is dangerous and wild. Mia’s ready to do whatever it takes to avoid getting sent back to her small-town life.
Jax has other ideas. He can’t afford an untrained civilian tagging along on his plot to get revenge.
He’s a fugitive, and a powerful organization wants him dead. Nothing since his prison escape has gone according to plan.
Including his attachment to this over-zealous beauty who keeps surprising him with her cleverness and courage.
He can’t keep her. It’s dangerous. And she doesn’t have any clue what she’s getting into.
But Mia is nothing if not determined, and when they find themselves alone in an abandoned barn, Jax gives her one chance to prove herself.
One thing she must do. Without question or hesitation.
If she says yes, there is no going back.

Stephannie's 5 Star Revoiew

Jax is gorgeous and smart. Mia is just loving his life that is filled with danger. Mia doesn’t want to go back to her boring small-town life. She wants to stay with Jax. Jax needs to return Mia ASAP. He is out for revenge and he can’t keep her. It’s too dangerous. But Mia is determined to prove herself and decides she must do one thing he asks of her without any questions. Will she say Yes? If she does, everything changes and there is no going back.  

I am just loving this series and I am offically hooked. I read this in one sitting because it is full of action and adventure with many twists you don’t see coming. I am dying to find out what comes next and if Jax will finally admit what he is feeling because I don’t want him to hurt Mia. Mia has come alive and I love that she is constantly trying to make sure she continues on the adventure instead of going home. When Mia is in danger will Jax be there to save her? When Jax is in danger can Mia save him or is it too late? 

This one ends in a major cliff hanger that has you screaming, “NO!” I can’t wait to find out what comes next. I want Jax to get his revenge and move forward with Mia. I love Mia and want her to get what she really wants, Jax. I can’t wait for part III. Fingers crossed for an HEA for these two!