Book Review – The Siblings (The Stone #3) by Kitty Berry





Due to the mature nature of this material only readers over the age of 17 should view and/or purchase this book.

In the third novel of The Stone Series, Tate Taylor will discover new talent in a young Sebastian Morrison and his band from Las Vegas, Dominate. Sebastian is a musician who gets more than he bargained for when he sends a demo to the famous Tate Taylor at Taylor Studios Inc. After listening to the demo Tate flies to Sin City with his cousin, Damian in tow to see Sebastian perform with his band. When Sebastian takes the stage the resemblance is uncanny, Sebastian’s talent is obviously not the only thing he and Tate have in common, Sebastian is the brother Damian never knew he had. As Damian watches him perform he suspects he and Sebastian share more than just blood.

After signing a contract with Taylor Studios Inc., Sebastian and his band head to New York City with Tate and Damian to prepare their performance for Damian’s BDSM resort’s opening back in Vegas. While in New York and struggling to write his own material, Sebastian finds a muse in Skyler, a beautiful model at Hot Stones, Damian’s agency. Skyler’s inspiration helps Sebastian launch his career but that’s not all he wants or needs from her.
Sebastian shows signs of being a sexual Dominant and asks his brother to help him train in the lifestyle so he can give Skyler what he suspects she’s longing for, the same that he desires. He wants her to belong to him and he will do anything he has to do to make that happen. However, Skyler is struggling with her own sexual desires, unsure if she can be what Sebastian wants, but afraid she’ll never find happiness if she doesn’t admit her true nature to herself. Damian, unable to take his brother on as his Dom in training, asks his close friend and fellow Dominant, Pete Roman to be his mentor. Pete already has a stubborn submissive and a secret past of his own creeping up on him but he agrees to train the natural Dominant. When he comes face to face with the submissive who is giving Pete a run for his money, Sebastian will get the surprise of his life. 

While Sebastian is introducing Skyler to the pleasure of a BDSM relationship, his sister, Drea is trying to save hers with Mac. Mac’s secret past has come back to haunt him and is threatening not only his future but that of everyone he loves. Mac must try to finally put his long time struggle to rest and save himself and the woman he loves before it’s too late.


4 1/2 Star Reviews

Another fabulous book in The Stone Series, with one of my favorite family of Alpha Males. We pick up not long after we left off in Stoned, Damien and Sydney are adjusting to life as parents while trying to maintain their kinky play. Quickly we meet Sebastian, long lost brother of Damien, discovered only through a music demo to be the opening band for the grand opening of The Society Resort in Las Vegas. Skyler, nanny to the Stones, and Sebastian meet and the attraction is instantaneous and deep. As sparks fly between them, both Sebastian and Sklyer look for some unusual training. Sebastian and Skyler quickly come to mean everything to each other, however Sebastian has a few skeletons in his closet that he doesn’t want getting out and the best laid plans aren’t always enough. Unlike the other books in this series where the author tended to focus on one couple, with a great cast of supporting characters, this book revisited Damien and Sydney frequently, and brought more depth to Drea and Mac’s romance. We also have the rekindling of the romance between Stan and Samantha, Sydney’s parents, and there’s something not quite right in Pete’s world. While I enjoyed reading about the drama in the other character’s lives, I felt that it distracted from the plot of Sebastian and Skyler’s romance. Although I felt that the relationship between the brothers developed a little quickly it was interesting to see a classic case of “nature vs. nurture” at it’s finest. While I’d rate this book a solid 4.5 stars, I will say that I wish it had been two different books. I feel like this book could have focused more on the story of Sebastian and Skyler and an additional book with the catch up in everyone’s lives.