Book Review: The Duet (A Heart Novel) by R.S. Grey

The Duet Synopsis

When 27-year-old pop sensation Brooklyn Heart steps in front of a microphone, her love songs enchant audiences worldwide. But when it comes to her own love life, the only spell she’s under is a dry one.

So when her label slots her for a Grammy performance with the sexy and soulful Jason Monroe, she can’t help but entertain certain fantasies… those in which her G-string gets more play than her guitars’.

Only one problem. Jason is a lyrical lone wolf that isn’t happy about sharing the stage—nor his ranch — with the sassy singer. But while it may seem like a song entitled ‘Jason Monroe Is an Arrogant Ho’ basically writes itself, their label and their millions of fans are expecting recording gold…

They’re expecting The Duet. 

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5 Star Review

Brooklyn Heart is a 27-year-old pop sensation. She can write beautiful love songs that fans love worldwide. But in her personal life she lacks any type of romance. But she has a wonderful younger sister is her best friend. They are almost identical minus their hair and eye color who is in college.
Brooklyn attends a meeting with her music label and discovers she that instead of performing solo at the Grammy’s  she has to share it with the very sexy and soulful Jason Monroe. She has never met the famous  Jason Monroe because they don’t travel in the same circles. But it isn’t long before she can’t stop thinking and fantasying about him. Especially since she has been in a dry spell in the sex department for way too long.
Jason isn’t very excited to have to write and sing an duet with the “pop princess”. He doesn’t think very highly of her and Brooklyn fails repeatively to make a good impression. She doesn’t understand why Jason hates her and why he has to be such an asshole to her. What did she do to deserve this type of treatment?  Its not like she asked to write and perform an duet with him. Jason has his assistant send an request for Brooklyn to meet him at his ranch in Montana so they can write this duet. Everyone is expecting these two to come together and write and record a major duet hit. But it seems like they will never be able to write anything that anyone would like to hear because of the tension between the two of them. Can they break through the tension and write “the duet” or will they end up with hate song about each other?   I
This is an amazingly fun and sexy romantic comedy that I truly loved. I couldn’t stop reading this one! Jason and Brooklyn have such an amazingly chemistry. Jason is an completely ass to Brooklyn and she tries so hard to figure out why he hates her and works to make the best of the situation which usually fails and instead of trying to see she trying,  he just makes it harder for her, These two are about to come to blows and this makes their chemistry one of a love/hate relationship. Can they get through the tension and write the duet everyone wants to hear from them?
Brooklyn drunk is freakn hilarious!  She is so funny when she is drinking and I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! I so want to go out with her and get her drunk to see what she does or says. There are so many funny and cute moments that I really enjoyed. There was times I wanted to kick Jason butt for being so harsh with sweet, loving Brooklyn. How can you hate her ? She is so lovable!!
It is a must read !!
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