Book Review: The Death of Lila Jane by Teresa Mummert






From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Teresa Mummert comes a cautionary coming of age tale.
Lila Jane is spending her summer vacation preparing for high school. She does everything asked of her, but her parents rarely give her credit for her efforts. She decides to sneak out with a friend to attend a local party and shed her little girl image, to become a woman once and for all. What starts out as a fun escape soon escalates into a life on the run with a boy she barely knows.

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Lila Jane is a sheltered girl who spends most of  her summer vacation in her house spying on the neighbors hot nephew. She wants to step out of her comfort zone and talk to this guy. She never disobeys her parents, she does everything they asked of her and never gets any credit for always doing the right thing. She  wants an adventure with the neighbor’s nephew before starting high school and decides to sneak out and shed her little girl image. Lila Jane adventure starts out as a fun escape soon escalates into something else entirely.
This is another great book from Teresa Mummert. I always love her books because they are always so dark and twisty. They never disappoint and I love her mind and her stories. This one is just as great. 
Its a story of a girl who is an feels like an outsider.  Her parents have her on medication that makes her feel weirder than she already feels. She is sheltered and her only friend is going to be homeschooled in high school. She wants to step out of her comfort zone and sees the neighbor’s nephew and has a crush on him. She is trying to get the courage to talk to him in hopes to make a new friend before school starts. One night, one adventure could be the death of Lila Jane, but will it be?
This story is a coming of age story of teenage girl that has some twists and turns. Its a quick read but well worth it. I loved the characters and feel for the characters and their situation. Its another great story from Teresa Mummert. 
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