Book Review: The Critic by Joanne Schwehm

The CriticSynopsis

Convey a message

Andrea Jordan dreams of acting on Broadway, and she is at the cusp of achieving success. All her sacrifices start to pay off when she lands a role that will catapult her to stardom.

Express our thoughts

Award-winning theater critic Bentley Chambers possesses the power to make or break a career. Theatergoers consider his reviews to be gospel, and actors cringe at the thought of him in the audience. His words possess power.

A heart’s not made of stone

More than one actor has been sent packing after Bentley’s bad reviews, and Andrea could be next. She won’t stand by and let him shatter her dreams, but she never thought giving him a piece of her mind would also mean giving him a piece of her heart.

Will Andrea discover on her own the passion Bentley claims she lacks, or will he be the one to draw it out of her?

Words… choose them wisely.

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4.5 star review

Andrea “Andi” Jordan, had dreamed of making a name for herself on Broadway for a long time. She refused to follow in the footsteps of her Ivy League parents and decided to find her own way in the world.  Living in New Jersey is not all it’s cracked up to be, but until she lands that one big roll, commuting will have to do.  That is IF she ever lands that big roll.  It seems that no matter what play she stars in there is that one critic “The Critic” that has something not so nice to say about her performance.
Enter Bentley Chambers “The Critic” that everyone strives to receive a great review from.  He can make or break and actor/actress’s career.  And according to Andrea, he is doing just that to her!  From the first time that Bentley saw her perform, he has fantasized about the beauty.  When his latest review of Andi’s work sets her on fire, she sets out to finally meet the man who is constantly writing not so nice reviews.  What she didn’t expect was the drop dead gorgeous man she confronts.  What ensues is a crazy roller coaster ride to perfect her craft.  Bentley offers to help teach her how to really find herself and dig deep, to give the performance that will rocket her career to the streets of New York, Broadway to be exact.
I loved the uniqueness of this story.  It was a fresh breath of air.  A modern day Cinderella story so to speak. The chemistry tat the two of them have is off the hook hot.  But will Andi be able to let Bentley coach her, without letting her heart getting involved?  Check out this awesome story. Well written, with great supporting characters, lots of awesome banter and laughs and filled with some very steamy moments.  You can’t go wrong!  The first that I have read by Joanne Schwehm, it definitely will not be my last.
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