Book Review – Take A Gamble by Rachael Brownell

Gamble cover
One summer. 
One chance meeting. 
One devastating phone call.
MacKenna Trist is not happy about spending a month with her family in Myrtle Beach. She would rather be at home, hanging out with her friends, before starting her senior year of high school. That is, until she meets the guy staying in the beach house next door.
Roe Gamble is speechless when he first lays eyes on Mac. Normally, pretty girls are his specialty but not this girl. From this girl, he wants more. More of everything. More than she can give him. Most importantly, more time to show her how he feels about her.
But time is working against them in more ways than one.
How much time do you really need to fall in love?
What would you gamble to hold onto it?


MacKenna Trist isn’t too excited to spend the summer before her senior year with her family in Myrtle Beach. Mac would must rather stay home and hang out with her friends. But when she meets the hot guy next door she thinks staying in Myrtle Beach is a much better idea.
Roe Gamble first lays eyes on Mac and he knows she is the one his grandma has been telling him about for awhile now. For the first time in Roe’s life, he sees a future with Mac and wants more than he has ever wanted before with a girl.
Time isn’t on their side. Mac and her family are only staying for one month in Myrtle Beach and then Mac and Roe will be in separate parts of the country for their senior year. It would be hard but not impossible to have a long distance relationship. It isn’t until one phone call that could change it all.
Can Roe and Mac take a gamble on love after only knowing each other a month?
I absolutely loved this book. It is a beautiful romantic story of two people who fall in love almost instantly. But in an instant with one phone call everything is up in the air. Its a story of young love and finding your soul mate when everyone questions how can you know you love someone that quickly.
 I truly love Roe and his love for Mac. I just love all the beautiful things he tells her and feels for her. This book has duo point of views so the reader can read what both Roe and Mac are feeling.  There are a few twists that left me heartbroken and balling my eyes out. It was such a beautiful but tearjerker of a story so you might need a box of tissues in some parts. This book is a emotional roller coaster of a book that has you feeling everything the characters feel like your right there with them. Great book !