Book Review – Tainted Desire (Desire #1) by Wendi Hulsey

Tainted Desire Cover




This will be the first of three books in the Desire Series, with hopes for the first book to be released December 13,2013.

Kylie Jenkins has lived the past few years fearing for her life. She knows she must do whatever it takes to escape her current situation. With each assault, the injuries she sustains are more severe. She calls upon her childhood friends to help her escape, however it means moving away from everything she loves. Without knowing if she will ever see her family or friends again, she takes off in hopes of a new beginning. Her entire world is turned upside down until she is reunited with her childhood love and things start to look up. Cameron is the type of man she wants to spend her life with, he is fun, sensitive, considerate, and sexy.
Unfortunately, for Kylie, her dangerous past seems to be sneaking up on her. Strange things start happening to her, making her feel apprehensive and afraid. Her friends assure her that she is safe, but they start to think Kylie might be a bit paranoid. Will Kylie finally have her storybook romance? Or will her love and desire for Cameron be tainted from the start?






Tainted Desire is the first book in the Desire Series and HOLY CLIFFHANGER!  I was completely unprepared for the heart stopping way this book ended! 
Kylie Jenkins has been in an abusive relationship for the past few years, and knows that her time is running out to escape.  Every time her injuries are getting worse.  When she finally decides she has to move on, she calls upon her childhood friends to help her out.  The only problem is she has to leave her family and everything she has ever known.  But she knows this is something she has to do.  So with some effort she is on her way to Florida.
“This time around, I will be cautious and make better choices.  I will no longer be naïve; people will have to earn my trust and love.”
 When she arrived in Florida, she immediately knew she made the right decision.  Being with her best friends was exactly what she needed.  But she soon needs Cameron for many reasons.  She has always loved Cameron and now she knows that he has always wanted her.  He is everything she ever wanted in a man and so much more!  Gorgeous, athletic, romantic, sweet, and hilarious to just name a few!  She falls hard and quick!
“I wonder how it’s possible to be so deeply in love with someone after only spending a few days with him.”
Just as she begins to let her walls come down with Cameron, strange things start happening.  Everyone keeps telling her she is safe, but she is afraid her past has found her.  Can she finally have her HEA?  Or will her past take it all away before it even begins?
The cliffhanger almost killed me at the end of this book!  So consider yourself warned!  There is a TON of sex in this book, and I hate to say it but it was really too much!  It took so much away from the story and sometimes just felt out of place for me.  But overall it is a great start to a series and I can’t wait to see what happens next!
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