Book Review – Surrender to Me by Ashley Piscitelli




Rebecca Chase has never been interested in dating, and definitely not in relationships. She only had two goals in life, to get her college degree and to get the hell away from her house. When she meets Lucas everything that she thought she had wanted was now turned upside down. 

Lucas Masterson has it all money, fame, and his dream job of being in the music industry. He knows that most people are just out for themselves and will use him as much as they can. When he meets Becca he realizes that he never really knew what he wanted. He thinks that she is the most amazing person he has ever met, but can he balance her and his crazy life?

Can two people who come from completely different worlds make it work? Can Becca let Lucas in before it’s too late? Will the people trying to tear them apart succeed?

Get ready to get lost in this crazy romantic adventure and surrender yourself to Lucas and Becca.

**Surrender To Me is for mature audiences only—strong language, and explicit sexual content are apparent.**




4 Star Review


Rebecca Chase isn’t your typical kind of girl, she doesn’t have any interest in dating nor relationships, she doesn’t keep up with the latest celebrity gossip. She works two jobs to afford school, her car, and cell phone. Her goals in life are to get her college degree and get away from her house and her mother. Rebecca’s mother is a drunk and basically catatonic, it started when her husband left, Rebecca was seven at the time. Rebecca avoided friends and dates because she never wanted anyone to see what her family life was really like. The one constant person in her life is Jen her best friend since before her dad left, Jen is the only person Rebecca trusts. Rebecca basically had to take care of herself and grow up pretty fast, she had to learn to pay bills, grocery shop and have enough money left to purchase alcohol for her mother.

Lucas Materson is the hot rock star, he has money, fame, and his dream job. He knows when people he meets they have a tendency to use him to get what they want. He’s not the type of guy to take girls on dates or give out his phone number, his relationships consist of mostly sex. He’s also not your typical rock star he doesn’t do drug’s or drink.

Lucas meets Rebecca in a parking lot when his car battery dies, he needs a jump and she’s the only person around to help him. Of course she agrees to help him out she has no clue who he is, Lucas is quite surprised when he realizes she doesn’t recognize him. He can tell right away there is something different about her, she isn’t the normal groupie he would pick up and discard a couple of hours later. There’s something drawing him to her and he’s determined to find out what it is. He feels something for her she’s completely different than other girl, she has that innocent look and she’s beautiful. He decides to take her to dinner to thank her for helping him out, she’s reluctant at first but he persuades her to go.

“Jesus Christ, this man oozes sex and deliciousness.”

What happens when Rebecca discovers who her “Luke” turns out to be the famous rock star Lucas Materson, will she still able to pursue her relationship with him?

“To her, I wasn’t Lucas Materson the celebrity, I was just a guy in a parking lot trying to get a date with her. I can only hope that won’t change now that she knows who I am.”

What’s a romance story without there being someone who wants to come between that and destroy your happiness, for Lucas that person is his rival Jackson. Jackson knows Rebecca is shy and he preys on her weakness and tries to come between the two. When it does happen it will leave Rebecca totally devastated and my heart broke for her at this point.

Can two people who come from completely different worlds make a relationship work?

Surrender to Me kept me interested throughout the entire book, not only was the sex hot between Lucas and Rebecca there’s a lot of it, you will also lean more about Rebecca’s home life.

I’m interested to see where the relationship for Lucas and Rebecca will go from here, in their next sequel/follow up. I’m hoping they finally get the happy ending they deserve, because we are all a sucker for one.

“This isn’t what I planned on happening when we came in here Becca, but I can’t resist you. I’m going to warn you, though that this we be quick, not only because we need to leave, but because you have me so damn wound up.”