Book Review – Stoned (The Stone #2) by Kitty Berry





Warning: Due to the sexual nature of this material it is recommended for mature readers only

In the second novel of The Stone Series we meet charming Damian Stone, the quintessentially intense urban male. He is wealthy, powerful, successful and painfully gorgeous; Damian dominates over everyone and everything both in his work and in his pleasures. 

Damian can have any woman he wants but the sexy, confident, and commanding sexual Dominant is growing tired of the same old game. Shortly after telling his best friend that he is done with the life of submissives, Sydney Cooper falls at his feet. She is a strong young interior designer despite her traumatic sexual past and Damian immediately senses her submissive tendencies. After meeting Sydney, Damian realizes that he only thought he had everything he wanted; now that he’s met Sydney he realizes that what he wants, what he needs is…her.

Damian and Sydney’s attraction to each other is immediate and undeniable, beyond their control, but as much as they yearn to be together, Sydney questions if she can withstand the pressures of his sexual demands. Sexually submitting to Damian will mean that she has to face her darkest secrets about her past. 

Tate, Damian’s cousin and Brooklynn Taylor’s relationship continues to develop in this novel as does Mac’s who is now working as Damian’s head of security and dating Damian’s sister. 

Stoned is a sensual romance between one emotionally wounded yet surprisingly well-functioning Sydney Cooper and sexual Dominant, Damian Stone, whose dysfunctional past threatens to destroy his future.


Wow can I just say Wow! Another 5 star effort. This book put me through the emotional wringer. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants and cried so much that I’m pretty sure I’m bordering on dehydration. I loved this story. It was compelling, gripping, I didn’t want to put the book down. Reading this was like having a little bit of your soul stolen and put back changed just a little. Such a fascinating journey to witness, the changes in both Damien and Sydney, the obstacles they overcome and triumph through. The book definitely kept you on your toes, it was next to impossible to guess everything that was going to happen next. The characters, not jut Sydney and Damien were so incredibly well written it was easy to see them as real people. The strength that Sydney has is only something I can aspire to. The compassion that Damien shows was unforgettable. I loved the sexy dominance that is Damien, but that he wasn’t so rigid that he couldn’t be flexible when Sydney needed him to be. The struggle that Sydney has with her own issues then dealing with Damien’s past that is constantly being shoved in her face was fascinating to read. This book was amazing just because of everything it made you FEEL, which in my opinion is always the measure of a great book, am I reading this and detached or am I reading this and involved. It was impossible not to be involved, to feel as if you were living inside Sydney’s head. If you are looking for an inspired but emotional read with a healthy dose of fabulous sex don’t look any further.