Book Review – Sliding (The Stone #1) by Kitty Berry





Brooklynn Adams is all grown up now, married to her adolescent crush, Tate Taylor and living the high life. Tate is a wealthy and powerful music executive in New York City and Brook is a famous choreographer who works alongside Tate and his best friend at their entertainment company, Taylor Studios Inc. To the outside world Tate and Brook have it all, love, money, friendship, power but looks can be deceiving. After Brook’s miscarriage that he blames himself for Tate flees to the West Coast with his best friend and business partner, Bobby, under the disguise of business. On the fateful morning Brook is scheduled to fly to meet her estranged husband of six months she finds herself looking into her mirror. She is faced with a decision, should she answer her phone and miss her flight to California or run like hell and head to Tate? Brook must decide the path her life is going to take and the focal point of the novel explores her options while she walks through each “door” to see where it will lead her. It’s the parallel tracking of two possible destinies, essentially the what-if scenario. Little moments in time when we question which decision is right and which is wrong, both can change your life forever, leading you down different avenues. Times like these that are impossible to go back and change and we watch as Brook enters into the center of two significantly different trajectories.


6 out of 5 Stars please! This book was amazing I had such a hard time putting it down, I kinda felt a little hung over the next morning because I stayed up all night finishing it. I LOVED this book. Music is such an integral part of who I am, it felt like the author had taken a part of my soul and put it on paper with the way she had the main characters communicating through music. The ups and downs as Brook remembers her and Tate’s past were gut wrenching, and heart warming at the same time. I felt like I was IN Brook’s shoes as she was listening to the playlist and the memories that each song brought up. I thought the segue into the flashback through a song was brilliant. Often times I find that books that flash back to the past too frequently a little disorienting, this book was definitely not the case, the memories were so palpable it was like you could see them in a crystal ball, part of Brook but at the same time separate. The parts written in the “present” were also just as well thought out and impassioned that it made it easy to get lost in the story, it made you want to root for Brook and Tate to overcome their difficulties and work things out. The second half of the book, where Brook now faces the “alternate reality” of what answering that phone call could have meant was just as realistic and tangible as the first half of the book. After having read the first half of the book it was soul destroying to have to go through that difficult journey with Brook and Mac. The ending was a little shocking, and I have to say a bit confusing, but that was just a reflection of a well written character. I would recommend this book to anyone! It was steamy, intense, emotionally charged and incredibly well written.


Brooklyn Adams and Tate Taylor met and fell in love at 14 years old. She was a high school cheerleader and he was on the football and basketball team. This is a story about them; we get memories/ flashbacks of the time as teenagers and college kids. Everyone thought this super couple had it all. But did they? 
This book is about the day Brooklyn is scheduled to fly from Tate and Brooklyn’s home in Connecticut to meet up with Tate and Tate’s best friend and business partner Bobby in California. Brook is running late to catch her flight and their home phone rings. Does she answer the phone and miss her flight? OR Does she catch her flight and miss the phone call? This book takes these two what if scenarios and takes us on the journey of if she never answers the phone or if she does. 
I really enjoy this book because it was such a different and original type of story. I loved Brook. I wanted to love Tate but I wondered about certain things which made me question him at times. I loved the first scenario but felt horrible and didn’t want to believe the second scenario. I hated the epilogue because it confused me and made we question everything. It’s a good book with twists and turns you don’t see coming and will make you think which I love. But the epilogue I thought ruined the whole what if scenario for me. Great read though especially if you want something so original and different.