Book Review: Resist (Resist #1) by Missy Johnson



Position vacant…

Successful, attractive male requires a full-time, live in assistant. 

Please note; this is no ordinary position. 

If voyeurism and explicit fantasies are likely to offend, do not apply. 

The successful applicant will be female, attractive and very self-confident.

I am not looking for a slave, or a submissive. I’m after a challenge.

Fight me. Resist me and you will be rewarded…

**This is book one in a serial.
**Five volumes will release two weeks apart.
**All volumes are between 15-20k words and ALL will be 99 cents each.



5 Star Review

This is the first book in this serial where there are 4 more and I am quite interested in what is going to happen. It starts when a 
an ad is found for a Position that is vacant for Jaxson Murphy as his play thing who is a challenge to him because being submissive is boring in Jaxson eyes. He wants a women who will fight and resist him and not fall at his feet and give in to his every whim. 

Charlotte who just received her degree in Journalism and can’t find a job being an journalist even with the top grades in her class. She is desperate and finally decides that getting the scoop on Jaxson Murphy is what could land her a job especially since he was being investigated for the disapearance of a women. 
Who is Jaxson and what are his dark secrets? Will Charlotte be in more trouble if discovers the truth? What is this position all about?
This is a small serial that leaves you with alot of interest in finding out what is going to happen next. It is different story that I have ever read and I am still questioning everything and wondering what is going to happen next. I love Missy’s book so I as always can’t wait for more of this one!!