Book Review – Resilient by Nikki Mathis Thompson





What a difference a year makes and for Katrine MacNamara truer words have never been spoken. 

Divorce: Moved passed it 
Grad school: Accepted 
New Job: Nailed it 
Love: Xander Who? 

After emotional ups and down, a broken heart twice over, Katrine is ready for a fresh start. She has proven to herself that she can come back from anything life can throw her way, stronger and wiser. New love is on the horizon and she feels ready to give love another chance. No flings, no casual sex. A real relationship, but with whom she doesn’t know. Will there be a new contender? Someone right under her nose? Or the one that got away? 

The gang is back again with big laughs and stronger drinks. This sexy romp satisfies all four senses and presses all the right buttons. 

Resilient the follow-up to Rebound.


I have to say I was pissed (in a good way) where Rebound left us, but Resilient more then made up for it. Another 4 Star effort! I love the quirky characters, the brilliant one liners, and the easy flow of the plot. I still feel like I’m reading a story about one of my best friends. The characters seem so real, and so relate-able. The author did a good job of ratcheting up the tension between Katrine and Ian, and exploring those difficult decisions that comes with attempting to take a friendship past a friendship and what happens if it doesn’t work out. I truly felt the anguish that Katrine was feeling both before and after Ian. I personally thought that there could have been a little more groveling on Xander’s part, but hey that’s just what I would demand. I love that while you knew they were trying to work things out the insecurities were still there on Katrine’s part , and rightfully so. I think the author did an amazing job of painting us such a realistic picture it was hard for me to put the book down, I just had to know what happened next. I’m not happy with the end of this book either, damn my need for instant gratification and lack of patience, I really want to know what lies in the future for Xander and Katrine, and I want it NOW!