Book Review – Raw by Belle Aurora




***Author Note: This is not a love story. This is a story of love gone wrong.***

Growing up the way I did, you’d think I’d be more screwed up than what I actually am.

Soon as I turned sixteen, I left that bump in the road I called home and took my chances on the street.

Best decision I ever made.

Now, at the age of twenty six, I’m educated, employed and damn good at my job.

My friends have become my family. Like me, they know what it’s like to grow up unloved.

But the saying is true.

The world makes way for those who know where they are going.

That’s me.

I know where I’m going and I’ll get there eventually. On my own terms and at my own pace.

But then there’s him.

I feel his eyes on me. I see him hiding in plain sight. He watches me.

He makes me feel.

It’s unconventional.

But it’s real.

I’m sure you’re wondering how a person falls in love with their stalker.

So am I.

This isn’t a story.

This is my life.



Did I feel dirty?


Did I feel all my emotions seep out through my body?


Did I feel Raw and shocked at the things I read?


Did I love every single minute of it?


Raw was so different from everything I have read in a long time and it was a breath of fresh air.  It’s not for the weak at heart; it’s not for the reader who wants the butterflies and sunshine.  It’s dirty, emotionally draining, and raw in the most exciting ways.  People want heroes but with Raw I wanted the villain, the bad guy, the guy that did some unspeakable things because he was broken.

Belle ripped my heart wide open and left me bleeding wanting and needing more Twitch.  He isn’t your everyday book boyfriend he is so much more than that.  He will take you places you never thought you could go.  He will take you and twist your insides and play mind games with you, Twitch will leave you feeling Raw and used and you will crave more.

The storyline was epic, the characters were hard and unforgiving, the scenes sometimes were unbearable to read but I found that I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the story.  The shocks kept coming one right after the other leaving my jaw laying on the floor, leaving my blood boiling hot, leaving me open to wanting more, to needing more. 

Sometimes we want the sweet boy next door and sometimes we want something a bit different, something that you have a hard time wrapping your brain around something that will leave you speechless.  It took me a few days to process what I read and my final conclusion was that I wanted to step inside and never leave.  I wanted to cling onto the characters and never let go. 

This review is short and sweet because really there isn’t much I can say about Raw other than what I have already said.  You will never see coming some of the things that happen.  You will like so many others be left cut open and bleeding and feeling Raw but surprisingly you will find yourself never wanting it to end, never wanting to read the final word on the page that’s how gripping and powerful this story is.  I can’t give it a 5 star because it is so much more than that.  You can’t possibly take a story like Raw and rate it like you do so many other books because it’s different and amazing.  I think I have a new favorite all time read and Raw took that spot.