Book Review – Promiscuous by Missy Johnson




**Contains heavy themes such a drug use and sexual assault**

When you’re a twenty-year-old triple platinum singer you get an image. Except mine was all wrong. On drugs; pregnant; fucking my manager… they were the kind of lies I’d wake up to every day. But they didn’t know me. Nobody does. People see what they want to see, and think what they want to think. I was a good girl. I played by the rules, kept to myself and it got me nowhere.

I spent the last year in love with a guy who I was paying to fuck me. A guy who fell in love with someone else. One minute he was my life and then he wasn’t. I’ve experienced it all my life. People around until they got what they wanted. Being left on my own at age fifteen was the best thing that happened to me. Until I met Ivan.

Trust nobody but yourself, because everyone hurts you in the end. That’s the lesson I’ve learned. I’m done caring, and I’ll do whatever is necessary to get through this. No matter what the cost. Because at the end of the day, I am in this alone.

Stephannie 2


Bethany Masters is a 20 year old triple platinum singer who everyone thinks they know. But it’s all lies because no one really knows her. Except maybe Coop. Coop is the guy she was paying to have sex with and he was her friend for over a year. But she stupidly fell in love with him. But he fell in love with someone else. He went from being a major part of her life to canceling on her and leaving her hurt and alone when she needed him the most.  
Beth experienced being hurt and being left alone many times in her life. She thought for sure Coop was different but he was like everyone else and she had enough. She is alone again knowing the only person she can trust is herself. She can’t stand being alone so she parties out at bars and drinks heavily. One night she meets Roman in the most unique way ever. She intrigued by him and he is now always around. Can Beth open up and trust again? What does a Roman want with her? What happens with Coop?
This is book takes place after Tease and is Beth ‘s story. I loved Coop in the last book and I don’t think he realizes how much Beth is into him. So I love him in this book and want more of him. But Roman is super sexy older man who is super sweet and protective of Beth. Which makes him even hotter because I really like Beth. 
I really loved this book. It’s Beth’s story of self discovery after surviving heartbreak among other things and battling through it. Can she trust again is the question? I love many things about the book and story there are twists and a few turns. There are many hot steamy sex scenes that make you say wow! It’s a great second book in this great series.