Book Review – Plenty of Fish by Scott Hildreth






*CAUTION* This book has scenes describing the abduction, rape, murder, and torture of living people. Additionally, there are graphic scenes of sex, not all of which is consensual. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

A woman is abducted and placed into a room with three other women, all of which resemble her. Confused, scared, lonely, and in constant fear, she waits. The abductor, after a few days, opens the door and explains the following to the group of women, “Tomorrow morning, at eight am, one of you will forfeit your life to save the other three. If one person isn’t willing to die, everyone will die.” 

Ryan Capshaw was raised at the hand of an abusive father, and grew up believing he was worthless. To prove his intelligence and self-worth to himself, he has devised a plan to abduct, torture, and murder four women. One of the women, however, decides to challenge his intent – causing him to reconsider his plan.

This twisting, turning, and ever changing plot will keep you flipping pages until you finally reach the unbelievable ending. When you think you have it figured out, brace yourself, you’re DEAD wrong. 

“Dying to Survive”, takes an in-depth and very erotic look through the lives of the characters, as well as the the psychological aspect of abduction, murder, and living as an adult after an abusive childhood. 

Prepare for a trip that will leave you guessing, wondering, and contemplating how you would react, think, and prepare to either die, or be a survivor.

ena Ena

3 Stars








So yes, I asked myself quite a bit that question while reading Plenty of Fish but still I had to finish I was hooked to find out what happened at the end. I heard before starting this book that it was messed up and all sorts of dark and crazy so I was immediately intrigued and found myself one-clicking.

From the beginning I was like……..

This book is all sorts of jacked up craziness from abduction to mind games and murder by 30% Scott had me on the edge of my seat with my eyes bugging with what I was reading.

I couldn’t wrap my head around how anyone could come up with a storyline that not only gave me moments of….

To moments of….

Ryan (the main character and plotter) is so jacked up from his early childhood and how his father treated him that he literally fell out of the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down and hit the psycho land very hard. Even though he is handsome and intelligent he is the last person you want to run into. And when the….

It left Ryan questioning everything and had him reevaluating his plans. I can’t go into detail because I hate spoiling anything so I will just say that shit hit the fan very hard.

Meghan has always had dark sexual desires that played a role in her divorce leaving her a single mom and after her not so fun run in with Ryan himself she finds herself questioning her sanity on what she feels for him. Trust me – you would too. When faced with Ryan Meghan finds herself feeling…

Meghan is thrown into a game she never intended to play but finds herself not having any other choice and after the game is finished she finds herself wanting more, a lot more and feeling unsure of why that is.

At this point of the story I was still asking myself, why am I reading this? But I couldn’t stop from reading because it was so messed up and jacked up that I had to find out how it was going to end and I secretly wanted something to happen so I didn’t have a choice but to read.

Than Scott threw me a curveball that left me looking around like…

And instantly I felt angry and pissed that in fact Scott went there which left me wanting too…

Oh but things don’t stop there Scott pulls something else out of his mind and gives us more what the hell is happening moments, moments that took me awhile to wrap my head around because I was still pissed at Ryan for things he did but then felt content that yes in fact Ryan not only fell out of the crazy tree which is why he was the way he was but actually was in the rainforest of crazy and proceeded to fall out of every tree within that rain forest. There LOTS of moments of craziness and surprisingly even moments of complete and utter fascination. Parts were extremely graphic and disturbing and parts were very vividly graphic. Parts were bloody and I am feeling crazy to admit parts were arousing. But when all is said and done I think Scott accomplished his mission because I don’t think I will ever forget Plenty of Fish. I am still questioning what the heck I read and still processing parts that find myself still feeling a bit…