Book Review – Pieces of Rhys by L.D. Davis




Do you have an object of obsession? For Lindsey, her obsession is the deadly sexy Rhys, who makes her toes curl, her temperature rise, and other parts of her body react beyond her control. Rhys always avoided emotional attachments to women…until Lindsey; but a dark family secret keeps Rhys from giving Lindsey the commitment she deserves. Lindsey discovers Rhys’s secret the hard way while her own dark past occasionally rears its ugly head. Laced with laugh out loud humor and steamy moments, follow Lindsey as she collects pieces of Rhys in her quest to find the whole man.


Five stars this was one funny read !!

My name is Lindsey. I like extreme gardening, really good beer, obese cats, and my sexy, hot, delicious, yummy, melt in your mouth coworker Rhys. I don’t like rude behavior (especially from obese cats), my abusive ex-husband Gary or his mother, and I don’t like to share my toothbrush with even the likes of sex gods like Rhys.

So Lindsey has been eyeing Rhys from a far. She works with Rhys but she didn’t hunk he noticed her until she was in the parking lot staring at him while he was in the parking lot
“Lindsey what are you doing over here?”


“You watching me ?”

“You are aren’t you ?”

“Pshhhh…. No” ~Lindsey and Rhys

That’s Rhys ……

“If only I could have a piece of Rhys and his name is pronounced Reese, like as in Witherspoon ,Except he’s not, or like the candy but he’s not. Okay so maybe he’s candy. Eye candy”

This is a great story where two people who have been hurt mentally and physically find each other. They try to deny there feelings but will true love lead them back to each other. They go the just friends route when he helps her around her house after her ex comes in and takes everything including her shower curtain (lol). There relationship blooms but they both seem to not want to label it. They both been through a lot and they don’t want that to happen again. Can fear keep them apart or do they keep fighting what’s meant to be.
This was a funny awesome read !!