Book Review – Perception (Club Destiny #6) by Nicole Edwards



Xander and Mercedes both know firsthand what it feels like to be in total control. The question is… who really holds all of the power? 

Xander Boone has never had a problem going after what he wants. In fact, he has built his life around doing just that. And he has a rather impressive track record. But Xander finds himself up against his biggest challenge yet. As fate would have it, Xander’s greatest desire is a woman who has always been off limits to him. One he wants more than his next breath. Nothing about her is easy, but then again, things that are worth it never are. So, when the perfect opportunity presents itself, Xander knows it’s time to call in a favor. Mercedes Bryant believes there is only one way to do something. She also knows what Xander wants isn’t possible. But she‘s about to learn that you shouldn’t always believe what you think you see. And Xander is going to be the one to teach her that lesson. 

Warning: This ebook contains sinfully hot encounters between consenting adults. This book includes voyeurism, public exhibitionism, and mild elements of BDSM. Contains graphic material that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


5 Star Review

Perception : noun- physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience.

When Xander Boone walks into a semi run down office building where he meets his best friend Shane and he introduces him to Mercedes the real estate agent that is helping him acquire a new building. She’s quite the spitfire but she’s also a dominate, so is Xander. That kinda means there off limits to each other. So they become best friends along with Shane fast forward ten years later ………

“Considering their dominating personalities were in direct conflict, Mercedes had considered Xander off limits. After all, one one plus one certainly did not equal two doms.”

After ten years Xander finally feels like it’s the right time to make a move and show Mercedes how they can be good together …… Good luck with that …. Mercedes didn’t have it easy growing up her barely there father wasn’t exactly nice. He made sure Mercedes didn’t move from under his thumb and his control. Xander planed on changing her feelings on that subject.

Xander asked Mercedes to be in a demonstration for Logan and Sam to see of maybe the BDSM lifestyle might suit them better then a threesome. Only problem, why her, Mercedes wasn’t a submissive. Then after the most intense orgasm of her life Mercedes wasn’t sure what was happening.
Xander felt like everything was in place to prove to her how they could be together, so after the earth shattering night he had with Mercedes he makes her an offer, five days give him five days. After five days could she be a submissive.

Mercedes would say hellll to the no ..but she agrees five days….

“What was happening between Xander and Mercedes it was….intense. Almost as though the two of them hadn’t expected it to happen.”

When things get too intense Mercedes does what she does best, puts her best face forward and pretends like nothing was happening.

“Her perception of what she had wanted was clearly skewed without Xander she would’ve felt loss and helplessness.”

Find out if Mercedes can let down her walls she has built. Was Xander right can she be a submissive find out!!

This was a great story, it was fantastic to see the character come back that we love in Nicole’s books. The growth of these two main character was amazing I was cheering them on and then screaming at both of them. I wanted to scream “RED” fantastic read well done Nicole another home run with this story. Make sure you check out all her Club Destiny Series and Alluring Indulgence Series.

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